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November 29, 2007

Why I Am Writing This

My talent for writing goes a long way back to when I was in radio school in 1982. As part of the course we learned to write speeches, commercials and newscasts as well as produce them. In the bygone days of radio, the announcer did it all. It's this invaluable training that has prepared me for writing this blog. What amazes me is when I put pen to paper and later transfe it to the Web the works just flow, evidently it's all so natural. Who'd a thunk it? Putting my thoughts into the written word is a great way to pass the time as well as being relaxing and very theraputic. Living with two people with the same illness is a life-changing experience. How do I describe it? One word: unpredictable, it can be described in countless other ways: frustrating, aggravating, irritating, and debilitating. This illness ends careers, breaks up families, and who knows what else? You want to know how it affects me? Easy. My wife has become so upset at times she has told me I can leave whenever.
My son at times wants me to take him anywhere,and I have told her if she doesn't back off, I may end up in the hospital. I'm doing all humanly possible to help all involved cope with our situation and believe me, it isn't easy.
She needs to try and understand my point of view, my shoes are not that easy to fill, try balancing a marriage, career and hobbies, blending in caring for two loved ones afflicted with schizophrenia. Anyone who can do that with any degree of success I salute. Till next time.-30-

November 29, 2007

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