Living With Schizophrenia - Schizophrenia: The Perspective of a Father & Brother-in-Law

December 13, 2007

Living With Schizophrenia

I live in a household with two schizophrenics and every day of my life is a different experience, of course, no
two days are alike, if that were the case life would be dull. My son has been assured he will be getting Medicaid and food stamps, he is not eligible for Social Security disability for he hasn't worked enough but hopes to get SSI. So far he hasn't run into much red tape. There is hope. As for the brother-in-law nothing
much changes, he still mumbles frequently, most times making little or no sense, as for his health habits he
has no good ones, he smokes like an old locomotive, drinks tea and soft drinks to excess, and eats anything
he wants though he is diabetic(allegedly). As I have mentioned before he has other health problems such as
artery disease and has had some kidney problems. I have a feeling one day he is just going to drop dead. Or
he could outlive us. We used to think that about his mother because she had many things wrong but she just
gave out at age 85 in 2005, probably heart failure, she had dementia which may be worse than schizophrenia by what it does to the mind, it's my feeling most of the mental illnesses are interrelated because many symptoms are similar. I'm here to tell you living with schizophrenia can be a living hell. A person learns to expect anything and everything, this illness does not discriminate. If the medical profession
knew what causes mental illnesses they could be cured as well as others. There is hope.-30-

December 13, 2007

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