Should I Have My Head Examined? - Schizophrenia: The Perspective of a Father & Brother-in-Law

January 6, 2008

Should I Have My Head Examined?

With the way things have been lately I have been asking myself that question. I'm not so sure I don't have a mental illness, maybe depression. All I know is I have been under tremendous pressure lately, most of it from my wife. Recently I told her if she doesn't back off I may end up in the hospital. She just doesn't get it. She is a stepparent and has a lot of insight which is helpful but on the other hand she can be cold and cruel and frightening at times. Hell, she might have a mental illness. That's pure speculation, though I have seen her mood swings and bipolar disorder could be possible. I have suggested she seek help but she is reluctant. Maybe things will change.-30-

January 6, 2008

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