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January 20, 2008

What Will 2008 Bring?

Here we are almost three weeks into the new year and I asked myself that recently and thought of a lot of things, among them the usual suspects-health, happiness, money, etc. What would really please me is a good year for me, if that would occur everything else would fall into place. That would include my wife getting off my back literally and appreciating me for the good person I am and trying to be on a daily basis. Also I wish she would step back and look at the whole picture concerning the help I'm trying to provide my son and have been since November. I had a doctor appointment recently and I need to get my health in order in several areas. Life is not fair and never has been, it is what you make it. All of us should step back and look at our lives. You might be surprised at what you see, I've been more times than I could imagine and at times I have wished myself dead thinking it would be better than living then I realize there is a lot to live for and push on. You should too. Till next time.-30-

January 20, 2008

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