Happy February To All - Schizophrenia: The Perspective of a Father & Brother-in-Law

February 1, 2008

Happy February To All

Hello fellow bloggers, here we are the first day of the second month of 2008, January seemed a blur to me, How was yours? All in all January wasn't too bad really, I left third shift after six months, returning to first, I'm still adjusting to the change, it's been three weeks. I began work January 14th at a new post as a security officer and as I said the other day it was the week from hell. How would you feel if after just one week the boss told you you were no good? Wouldn't it make you question your ability as a person and your own self-esteem?
I did and don't remember the last time it happened. Whatever happened to encouragement in the workplace, appreciation for doing your job, and simple thanks? It went out the window, the name of the game now is downsizing, outsourcing, and doing more for less. It's enough to break a person down, stress can literally lead
to illness, even death possibly. Yours truly has hypertension and we know what that can lead to untreated. Maybe I would be better off in the afterlife, at least there would be no pain or suffering anymore, but I'm not lucky or unlucky or foolish enough for that to happen. It makes me wonder what schizophrenics go through daily, it has to be hard just to cope with stresses healthy folks would consider normal, a certain amount of stress is good for you, it can make you stronger, can motivate you to success, look at the great world leaders of the past and present: Look what they went through: Wars, depression, famines, drought, internal and external crises, all of these made them stronger. I live with two schizophrenics and every day is hell on earth, both are unpredictable, I am married to a woman who is at times unstable, she doesn't want my son with us but realizes she can do nothing about it(caught between a rock and hard place) and of course yours truly is squarely in the middle being squeezed like a vise, maybe I should have been a magician, hmmm. My son is finally going for a psych evaulation on Feb.7, then we should know what may be really wrong or right with him, he is having this to determine eligibility for Social Security disability, we only hope for the best, as for the brother-in-law, his situation hasn't changed, we have pretty much given up hope , and finally as for my wife, she is close to losing it, the other day she had a fit and went on a tirade and threatened to walk out, that threw up a red flag. Figure it out. Bye. -30-

February 1, 2008

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