What Will My Son Do Now? - Schizophrenia: The Perspective of a Father & Brother-in-Law

March 24, 2008

What Will My Son Do Now?

Last week my son was turned down for SSI, the specialists examining him agree he has a mental illness and
felt it was not severe enough to disable him so they determined he could work at a non physical job or one that would not tax his mental state. We are deciding whether to appeal, my mom is urging us to do so but I haven't decided yet. My feeling is if two opinions by medical pros agree why would a third one change anything? His age(25) was cited as a factor. His work experience is lacking, due to his overprotective grandmother who passed away in 2004, she held him back because he was living with her then. When she died as aforementioned he had been working at a fast food restaurant but was let go because in their words, he did not meet their standards. He tried college for awhile but was unsuccessful and has run up a lot of debt, we are deciding whether to urge him to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy. More later, adios muchachos.

March 24, 2008

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