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March 7, 2008

You Never Can Tell What Happens Until.....

Hi, everyone, been a few days since the last entry, a few things to share, among them my son lost another job, it sure has been frustrating for him, at least he did get income tax refunds and we will use them wisely, I am getting him some medical help, the brother-in-law has been in the VA hospital twice in the last week, and is still there as I write this. It's been very traumatic for and on us, that's putting it mildly, the sister-in-law is oblivious to all that is occurring with her younger brother and that grates on us as well, especially my wife. As for myself, I am taking it day to day and keeping the faith, sometimes we all need divine guidance, prayer changes things, believe me. Easter arrives in two weeks and with it new beginnings. May you have one. Aloha.

March 7, 2008

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