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April 15, 2008

Hello, Everybody, I Am Back

Well, this is not my last entry, good to be back and writing again. Last week I took my son to the family health clinic here in my hometown and he is on the way to getting quality healthcare once again, yesterday he went and talked to a mental health pro and hopefully things will turn around for him, he is trying again to find a job and is online a lot doing same. If my wife would just back off of both of us things would be a lot smoother, I went last week to the doctor for a physical exam and all is pretty good for a 51 year old white male which is me except my hypertension needs to be brought under control, I found out today from one of my sisters that my mom is so concerned for me she is afraid I might die and I am going to definitely do something about that right away, today I go and get my meds to that effect. I don't think my spouse realizes how hard she makes it on me sometimes, she just doesn't get it as they say and she never will in my opinion. I don't know how much more she wants or expects out of me, I am on top of our financial situation, I am helping my son and trying to be the absolutely best I can be at anything I attempt but it never seems to be enough for her, sometimes I just feel like telling her to f***k off. Oh well, I think I have vented enough for one day, more in the next entry, in the meantime, ciao.

April 15, 2008

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