April 27, 2005

Diagonally Parked?

I'm going to recommend a book to those of you who hide behind your computers and write e-mail and never leave your houses, thinking you are content and that you make a terrible impression in person and that you are publically unacceptable and people don't like you when they meet you or they wouldn't if they ever did so you'd better keep all your friendships cyber...and on and on and so forth.

Like me, you have schizophrenia, but all the years of remission and breakdown, remission followed by breakdown, breakdown after breakdown after breakdown, have taken their toll on you and you may no longer feel acceptable to society, and this has produced such anxiety that, like mine, it has turned into paranoia, and taken the form of voices speaking out loud.

Fundamentally, according famed Dr O, this is my anxiety speaking, social anxiety, born of my many years of dysfunction and illness, and it can be dealt with, it can be fixed, though it will take work, and I'm only just now able to begin.

Check out the book DIAGONALLY PARKED IN A PARALLEL WORLD by SIGNE DAYHOFF PhD and see what you think. She starts with several case histories, good examples of the different forms social anxiety can take. I can only say this: if you tend to hide behind your computer, writing e-mail instead of meeting new people, for fear that no one would like you in person, this book is for you!

Posted by pamwagg at April 27, 2005 04:32 PM


Pammy love,
I wrote a long welcome home to you and praised your rising like a phoenix, again and again. Even though it appears that you cleared the security code matter for me, and I duly typed it, my letter would not print because of a "missing security code". I'm just too weary at this point to rewrite the original comment. Just know that I will always be your biggest fan(along with my old pal Pulzi whom I welcomed back as well)and will look forward with pleasure to reading your insightful articles on your illness, the way with which you deal with it,and most of all the tenacity you have continually illustrated which humbles me profoundly.
Your Pesky PeaPod Pal

Posted by: Paula Kirkpatrick at May 3, 2005 02:07 PM

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