June 11, 2007

Amazing uses for white vinegar!

I know, I know, you think I'm really reaching for things to write about here, but some of the following tips are quite useful, and amazing to me. I thought I'd pass them on to you as they can save a lot of money, not to mention "heartache"!

--Sweat marks and deodorant stains on clothing? Rub them gently with undiluted white vinegar before washing and they should disappear. NOTE: it is not clear if this will work on OLD stains or just with new ones that have not previously been laundered and dried.

--If your rooms or apartment smell of smoke, place shallow bowls 3/4 full of white or cider vinegar in the smokiest areas. In a day the smell should be gone. You can get rid of the smell of fresh cigarette smoke by waving around a cloth dampened with vinegar.

--You can wipe away mildew from almost any surface with white vinegar, from bathroom fixtures to furniture to clothing. Use straight or diluted 1:1 with water, depending on the stain.

--Polish brass and copper by making a paste of equal parts white vinegar and salt, or vinegar and baking soda (let the fizz stop before using). Use a clean, soft cloth or paper towel to rub this into the item. The tarnish should disappear. Then rinse with cool water and dry and polish with a soft cloth or towel.

--To remove a sticker or decal on painted furniture or a painted wall, or a price tag from glass or plastic etc. saturate it with full strength white vinegar and carefully scrape it off with a plastic card (eg a credit card (expired) or phone card). If there is any residue left over, wet this with vinegar and let it sit for a minute then wipe away with a soft clean cloth or paper towel.

--Vinegar is a great grease cutter. Use a sponge dipped in full strength white vinegar to clean up the entire stove and hood and countertop after frying. Rinse with cold tap water, then dry with clean cloth. A hot plate can be cleaned the same way.

--To extend your dishwashing liquid, add 3-4 Tbs white vinegar to the bottle and shake a couple of times. Because it adds grease cutting power, you will need less and will save money!

--To keep food from sticking to a frying pan for several months, boil 2 cups of white vinegar in it for 10 minutes.

--Blackened, cooked-on grease? Soften it up by pouring in 1 cup apple cider vinegar and 2 tablespoons sugar while the pan is still hot. Leave it for an hour or so. A little scrubbing should then easily remove all the grease.

--Did you know that white vinegar is a great deodorant? Try splashing some under your arms each morning, instead of the chemicals in a stick or roll-on, and let it dry. (Once dry, it has no odor.) Not only does this save money and eliminate possible health concerns, it also avoids antiperspirant stains on your clothing.

Ants? Get rid of them with vinegar. Pour it on anthills or areas where you see ants congregating. Make a solution of 1:1 vinegar and water and use it in a spray bottle for "emergencies." (Scented Bounce fabric softener sheets also work well for this)

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Dear Amanda!
Thank you for sharing.
I will sure try it but where to buy full strenth white vinegar?
I looked in all Dep. Stores w/success.
Thank you.

Posted by: Luba at February 20, 2008 05:26 PM

Oh! I am soooooo with you on this one. I adore white vinegar and use it for cleaning almost everything now.

Thanks for the cool tips and your awesome blog.

Posted by: Amanda at June 13, 2007 06:41 PM

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