June 12, 2007

Deep coral necklace (sold)

(sold)deep coral.jpg

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Pammy darling,
Locked within the cage of my own anguish, I experienced what I can only call an epiphany of sorts yesterday. A feeling of calm and realization that my love for my daughters is the most important thing in my life came over me. The thought of one of them suffering as I had been for far too long, made me realize that I must let my childish self indulgence go. Their happiness is crucial to their well being now that they face the perils of adulthood, and I must be ready to be the loving mother I have always been and will continue to be whenever they need me to be there for them. The dark cloud has lifted. Once again I can see my beloved sun, and in doing so, I bow my head for so shamelessly neglecting you when you needed me most. I know now though that mea culpa's are a waste of time and energy, better spent in getting back to my rightful place as your dear friend and constant blog commenter.
Your jewelry is beautiful. Again you humble me with the extent of your seemingly endless talents. I would like to order several pieces, but I will speak to you personally about that.
Now for candid opinions concerning your blog and a few suggestions for future topics.
Since its inception, your blog has been a place where one could read about political, social, and psychological topics that were of interest to you. You occasionally featured poems that you had written. You chronicled the arduous task that the Spiro twins had undertaken in choosing to share their story with the world. In short, for the most part, your blog was more jounalistic than personal in nature. I believe that you should return to this more objective form of communication. Although Joe is very important to you, and you struggle constantly in trying to have an acceptable relationship with Karen, this is material of a personal nature. After a while, there really is nothing for your readers to say. If you return to presenting topics about which your readers can offer their own opinions, or agree or disagree with you, I believe you will attract both your vocal regulars and your silent majority back to the fold. For my part, I shall try my best to write the lead comment, as was my custom,thus encouraging those who feel their opinions are unimportant to rethink this and forge ahead to make a comment. A few suggestions might be 1. What fuels your desire to continually seek new ways to utilize your incredible artistic talent. 2.Your opinions on the currrent status of research aimed at developing optimal treatment protocol for sz patients. 3.How about a witty blog on your favorite politician,George Bush? 4. I'm sure many people would be interested on what it's like to be an identical twin. Perhaps you might include an anecdote or two that you did not include in your book. Whatever you choose to do, I think a fresh approach is what is needed at this point. I will be there, waiting to give my two cents (Oh, okay, my five dollars). I can't wait to resume my role as your biggest cheerleader.
Ever lovingly, Your T3

Posted by: Paula Kirkpatrick at June 13, 2007 02:05 PM

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