January 24, 2008

Sterling Fibulas with Pen

sterling fibs w pen.jpg

NOTE: You can click on any of these pictures to see them close up...

Here is some of my recent jewelry. The fibs come first. Fibula is actually the name of this small pin, and secondarily the name of the thin small bone in the leg, next to the tibia. It is called the fibula because it resembles this sort of pin! Be that as it may, these two pins are my most recent (and are spoken for, I think, though others can be made) and are all sterling silver. The pen is put there to show the relative size. All the following fibulas are about the same size, though they can be much bigger, the size of a long finger, or teensy tiny, too, if one wanted one that small. Mine tend to be 2-3 inches usually. By the way, these are not just safety pins that I string beads on. No, I make these from scratch, from just a piece of plain wire and a couple of beads. Even some of the "spacer" beads are hand made from wire...

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