August 20, 2004

Drug Cocktails hit Psychiatry

The Wall Street Journal reported on Aug. 10th that:

"Psychiatrists are increasingly turning to creations of multi-drug 'cocktails' to treat wide range of mental disorders from schizophrenia to depression, and patients who don't respond to single medication".

No big news here to anyone in the psychiatry field or on the consumer side. At the NAMI California conference last weekend (Burlingame, CA) a doctor responding to people in the "Ask the Doctor" session - suggested that while its generally preferable (from the perspective of avoiding side effects, and minimizing the potential for drug/drug interactions) to minimize the number of medications a person is taking - this desire is increasingly being overruled by the desire to improve the quality of life for people or at least make people functional at some basic level and the polypharmacy approach (of multiple drugs) is proving effective in many people.


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