November 25, 2005

Dr. Phil on Schizophrenia

We didn't see the Dr. Phil program on Schizophrenia on Wednesday, Nov. 23rd - but the commentary in our discussion areas has been mixed. Many people thought it was a valuable educational show for schizophrenia and well received by many people who have schizophrenia and their family members. Other commentary seems to be that Dr. Phil doesn't seem to have much experience with serious mental illnesses - and since its a TV program more interested in ratings (by emphasizing the more dramatic delusions or hallucinations that can sometimes be associated with schizophrenia) than in educating and helping people.

So, overall, mixed reviews - but the coverage is good.

That said - you can find out more about the program that aired earlier this week (and order transcripts or copies of the program) at the following links:

Dr. Phil Show on Schizophrenia

Tapes and Transcripts (text versions of the show) are available here:


I need a answer to a queston in what age group can paranoid schizophrenia be dignosed could you please anser my queston


Posted by: Bonnie at November 26, 2005 10:28 AM

Hi, I just did a research paper on this topic. The age set is anywhere from adolescence to young adulthood (around the age of 39).

Posted by: Lyndsay at November 27, 2005 06:26 PM

I'm doing a project on schizophrenia,and I need to know: if you have schizophrenia,what should you do? Other than seek treatment,that is.

Posted by: Wyatt at November 28, 2005 02:32 PM

Please hurry. This project is due tomorrow.

Posted by: Wyatt at November 28, 2005 05:57 PM

People w/ schizophrenia do not know that they have this disorder... so this person usually does nothing. It is usually family members or the police that take schizophrenic people in to get better

Posted by: Dan at November 28, 2005 08:40 PM

people with schizophrenia have synmptoms of delusions, halluinations, disorganized speech, disorganized behavior, and inappropriate affects (like laughing or ctying at innapropriate times). They can be prescribed antipsychotic medications, such as narcoletptics. patients dont see anything wrong with them so they are non-compliant to take the medication. There is also psychosocial interventions, such as institutionalization, therapists, ect.

Posted by: chrissy at November 29, 2005 03:37 PM

Hey I'm a 13 year old from Springfield High in mn.. i was wondering if their was a different treatment for Schizophrenia other than pills or EST(electric shock treatment) because im doin a research ppr in English..

Posted by: hayley at November 30, 2005 11:59 AM

Dan,you are generalizing. Some of us are fortunate enough to be aware that our minds are out of control,prior to medical help. Yes, it is a constant self-battle, butI think we are getting where we can win the war. Abilify has changed my life.

Posted by: Rick at January 28, 2006 07:15 AM

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Posted by: Mr. Ron Jeremy at May 29, 2006 09:31 AM

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