April 24, 2006

Depression in the Brain

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Depression is a common problem in people who have schizophrenia, as well as their family members who may be under a great deal of stress trying to get appropriate help their family member. Its important for everyone to get treatment for depression - which could include cognitive behavioral therapy and medications, exercise, good diet, attempts to put yourself in a lower stress environment, etc.

Tim/Capricorne (a valuable contributor at schizophrenia.com) let us know of this new special report on Depression from The Infinite Mind. We highly recommend you listen to it if you have any interest in learning more about depression:


Host Dr. Peter Kramer examines new research on the biology of depression including new findings showing depression is not only a disease that affects the balance of chemicals in the brain, but the anatomy of the brain, as well. This is the latest scientific evidence confirming that clinical depression is a physical, medical illness which causes changes in the brain.

Guests include: Dr. Robert Sapolsky, professor of biology and neurology at Stanford University and the author of both popular and academic books related to stress and its effects; Virginia Heffernan, the television critic for the online magazine Slate and a contributor to the anthology "Unholy Ghost: Writers on Depression"; Dr. Yvette Sheline, associate professor of psychiatry and radiology at Washington University in St. Louis; Dr. Ronald Duman, a neuroscientist and professor of psychiatry and pharmacology at Yale University; and singer-songwriter Dar Williams, who performs and discusses her song "After All."

Listen to the Internet radio program by clicking on the link below, and then clicking on the "Listen Now" link once you arrive at the program web page:



Thanx for a link, Capricorne.

Posted by: CopperKettle at April 25, 2006 05:40 AM

Depression in the brain?
With the active voices in ones head - sometimes very agressive - that can talk non stop for days - night and day - tells you to commit suicide - tells you to harm others - tells you family members are going to be injured or killed - tells you there is someone chasing you to harm you - telling you all sorts of scary crap -
YES, you could say that one with voices in the head would be slightly depressed.

With all the above going on - I was still able to survive, suppress and eventually reverse most of my symptoms, including the voices.

Does anyone really care? Wouldn't it be worth the 'mental' doctors having a look at the treatment which I have been telling and sending - free of charge - to many in the medical field for the past few years?

Oh well, I have tried. Is anyone else going to care? And by the way, I didn't get depressed - I was very scared, very ill, very traumertized at times, but I wouldn't say that I was deppressed.


Posted by: ainee at April 28, 2006 11:22 PM

hi,i'm kishore.i find the specified symtoms in my sister.what to do now . is there any cure for this disease.plz reply me.

Posted by: kishore at May 13, 2006 02:36 AM

Hi my name is Chris and i suffer with depression for 22
yrs i have thought od sudical
and i hear voices in my head all day ever deys that have fear in me and i feel that it no cure for this disease.please rely to me about depression.

Posted by: Christine at August 2, 2006 01:12 PM

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