December 11, 2007

1970's Tale of Schizophrenia (Kristin's Blog)

This is a short film about a guy named Gary who became schizophrenic among the decadence and bright lights of the disco era. In this video he gives a good description of the strange associations that people with schizophrenia often make--things like thinking numbers have mystical meanings and thinking that there are bizarre, super-spiritual connections to things that most people would consider benign. It is not clear whether or not his schizophrenia was brought on by drug use and it is also not clear what happened after his onset of symptoms.

To see more stories by and about other people with schizophrenia click the following link:
Schizophrenia Stories


I've just produced one of those blogs titled schizophrenic Luke.
If you want to see a tale of 2007 in commerence of all this lovely video blogging then you can see me there with all my supposed schizophrenia in tact.
It should be up shortly if it gets past.

Posted by: Luke Andrew Marsh at December 12, 2007 06:36 PM

Sorry i had never done a vblog before so i got it all wrong at first but a video about the problems i have today in 2007 is up there for all to see and your welcome to say hello or offer me advice.
it should be there?

Posted by: Luke Andrew Marsh at December 13, 2007 05:06 AM

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