February 04, 2008

The Sights and Sounds of Schizophrenia

We've covered these "schizophrenia experience" videos and 3D environments in the past (see here). The Video was created by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, maker of the Risperdal medication.

If you want to know what the experiences of having schizophrenia might be like - this is a reasonable place to start:


Looks like any other vid clip ya see about it. I dont think its that good, You should just cut the sight outta of it. To me, it does seem alittle hard to demonstrate a audio/video to a general audience. There needs to me alittle more involved in the visual area but, of course, its not bout that, its about tha audio.

Posted by: BP at February 12, 2008 01:17 PM

Not Quite what i get.
Up the fequency.
Lower the amout of noises.
add a smigion of tinitus.
Quiten the noise of the voices.
Tune it more to the resting frequencies of others responses occasionaly.
Mono tone the voices and they sound closer to the contraction noises within the workings of the inner ear.

What this video poorly depicts is a Susch also causing sever verbal ticks not just the main Electro sonic input Archie type.
Such things would be more lightly to occour on Cannabis or LSD.

So to recap.
The main vocal inputs are less frequent.
More relative to other electrical workings and Quieter and more monotone in form.
Other effects also Monotonic in form not of the standard Dynamic Quantum electrical workings (the Normal Brain noise) instead more perfection maths wave occilation like.
Oh yes i'm acusing a Police State of using agressive Facist Mind Control.

Do you know i use a peizo electric tweeter, Masses of coal underneath my bed and special head ware just to get a good nights sleep.

Well my dreams don't disturb me and don't lockin I'e they fluxuate and don't become stopry like.
When i wake up i feel like i have rested.
If i go to sleep lying on the side of my bed not with my coal underneath, not wearing my material and with no speciall peizo electric induced field of noises then i wake up angry at people and hearing voices.

So in other words i'm successfully over comming the issue by treating it as if in deed it is the intervention of electro sonic Radio transmitter based technology at fault.

Everyone is very pleased with how well i'm progressing now and i take no drug or medication at all.

Typing of which i must now go to bed.

Posted by: Luke Andrew Marsh at February 13, 2008 01:27 PM

Oh so its funded by Respiradol... and because he hasn't taken his meds his life has fallen apart...intersting...

Posted by: billy at February 25, 2008 12:23 PM

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Posted by: Wes Vlad at February 29, 2008 01:05 PM

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