September 24, 2004


Hello again.
Becky thanks for your comment.

Not much is new here. Still plugging along.
The thing that is bothering me lately is M.s lack of personal hygiene. I know this affects some with this illness. It is hard not to be rude about it....but, I think that I would want someone to tell me if I needed to shower or whatever. What is the most sad about it is, he used to be very well groomed. I used to love his colonge.
He seems really depressed the last 3 days. His work/sleep schedule is only getting worse and that really bothers me. He delays going in to work seems like an hour every day. First he went at 7, then 8, then 9 and now tonight it was 10 pm. Last year they requested that he find a schedule and keep it. And he did well for a while, but now we are back where we started. I just don't mention it, because I know he knows...just doesn't want to change it.

I have asked several times what is bothering him the last couple of days. He says nothing and if I press too much, he gets mad. So I also let that lay.

TGIF! and hope you have a good weekend. Will write more later.

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