October 30, 2006


I took a picture of you.

You purposely looked away…looked down.

As I was cropping that picture…I looked at you. Really looked.

I have been trying NOT to look at you recently.

You look older. Hell, so do I. We are older.

You need a haircut. A beard trim.

You hate to go to the barber. So much paranoia there with having to talk to him and possibly other people waiting.

Digging under the bathroom sink I find the clippers.

Get the chair all set up. You sit down.

As I am cutting I think back to years ago when I would cut your hair. When I would get around to the front.. you would grab me and kiss me, or tease me or touch me….I would laugh and say.. Quit that!…even though you knew I loved it.

We would laugh and talk as I cut… toddlers running around us.

Now as I get around to the front you close your eyes. Are you remembering too? or trying to forget?

Posted by Jamie at October 30, 2006 02:37 PM


Jamie, this is so true. I can't believe the person sleeping next room is the same person I married eight years ago. Our little girl and I were watching videos today from a couple years ago where her Dad was so funny and kind. Now he's like a robot who just likes to be alone and would never initiate a conversation with us. How much longer? Évi

Posted by: evi at October 30, 2006 04:23 PM

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