August 13, 2006

Hello Again

I am sorry that I have not kept this blog updated like I intended to do.

Things here are much the same. Not that that is a good thing, it just is.

M. is still functioning, and working 4 hours a day.
I see where he is failing on a daily basis.
One of those things is his ability to drive and do so safely.
Not sure how I am going to break it to him that he really shouldn't be driving anymore. It is coming though.

We live as roommates raising our children basically. We have about 3 more years til they are all graduated and out on their own.
I am not sure what will happen then, as I really can't see myself in this same situation 10 years from now.

I crave a "normal" life with a man that wants me, needs me, treats me kindly, has a physical relationship with me, loves me.
That is not going to happen here in this relationship.
It is so sad, really.
IT makes me feel very selfish, but as I get older, I just cannot watch life pass me by like this.

I really have no idea what will happen. I am just going with the flow for now.

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