February 12, 2006

Here I am!

Hi everyone. I am still here, just have not posted in a while.

Things here have been going fairly smoothly, as smoothly as they get I guess.

The most recent problem M. has had is an obsession with the finances and bills. I have nearly strangled myself over his compulsion to pay bills and recalculate the check book. We are finally catching up a bit on some bills, but we are far from 'doing well' moneywise. He talks about it with each waking hour and of course, when I mention that...he gets angry. So....I just listen and nod and ignore. Ignoring is sometimes my greatest quality.

I am doing well otherwise. I love my new job and so enjoy getting out into the "real, normal" world. I am making friends and finding out that men are not as bad as I thought, LOL.

The kids are doing great in school and are just a joy to be around. They make coming home each day from work more enjoyable. I can always count on them doing or saying something to put a smile on my face. They make this crazy household more normal for me.

M and I are, well, still more like siblings than spouses. It doesn't seem to bother him much, but it does bother me. There isn't much I can do about it, though.

Not sure if anyone can access my email somewhere on here, but if anyone needs/wants to email me please feel free to do so. I am always willing to help with these issues as best I can. It might only be a shoulder to cry on, but I do know that that can help sometimes. email me at bluebird2769@yahoo.com

Much love and hugs to all. Keep your head up! Jamie

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