December 21, 2005

To all my Readers

Hello and Happy Holidays.
I love receiving all the comments! I never quite know how to respond though. I always wonder if it is safe to email you back personally, as I don't know if it is a personal email or a family email.
So please know that I am not ignoring you, I am just at a loss as to how to communicate.

I would strongly suggest that anyone who has a spouse or partner with sz., to come to the Husband/Wife board here at
We are a wonderfully, loving, caring bunch of people and welcome new comers. Nothing you will say will suprise us, because frankly, we have heard it before.:) We support each other to no end and really, I have made so many friends there from all over the world. So anyway...come on by the spouse board.

Things here are stressed. But livable.
I am busy with my new job and keeping track of the kids and their schedules. M. has been doing the laundry and that is a big help to our family.

Christmas is more than lean this year. It is so stressful. I will be relieved when the pressure of the holidays are off.

We will spend time with M.'s family over the weekend. That is usually fun and I know the kids will enjoy themselves. I hope that M. does ok. I am sure he will be fine while we are there, it is after we come home that I worry about. Usually it takes him some time to recover from all the socializing and he has to think through every single conversation....argh!

must go for now, but will try to get back here soon. Jamie

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December 05, 2005

Good morning

Hi again.
With the pressure of Thanksgiving off and christmas still a couple of weeks away, M. is a little easier to live with. Not much, but some.

I am desperately trying to change my attitude and thought patterns to be more able to handle his problems when they arise.

I have been reading a lot of stuff by Dr. Wayne Dyer. His information makes a lot of sense to me.
One thing he says is "You cannot get sick enough to heal one person".
He is right, I have been there/tired that. I have allowed M.s illness to make me sick. To bring me down to the point that I suffered from depression, had suicidal thoughts, to near nervous breakdown.
Did it help? NOPE! Not one little bit. It did nothing more than make matters worse. Did he get any better? if anything he got worse.
So I need to stay strong, mentally well, for myself and my children. I cannot let this happen again.

One other thing he says is "I cannot control what happens on the outside, but I can control what happens on the inside."
Wayyyy true, Huh? Control my own reactions.

Hope all are well out there and coping reasonably well. Hugs, Jamie

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