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Author #14: April 2008 Archives

April 15, 2008

Hello, Everybody, I Am Back

Well, this is not my last entry, good to be back and writing again. Last week I took my son to the family health clinic here in my hometown and he is on the way to getting quality healthcare once again, yesterday he went and talked to a mental health pro and hopefully things will turn around for him, he is trying again to find a job and is online a lot doing same. If my wife would just back off of both of us things would be a lot smoother, I went last week to the doctor for a physical exam and all is pretty good for a 51 year old white male which is me except my hypertension needs to be brought under control, I found out today from one of my sisters that my mom is so concerned for me she is afraid I might die and I am going to definitely do something about that right away, today I go and get my meds to that effect. I don't think my spouse realizes how hard she makes it on me sometimes, she just doesn't get it as they say and she never will in my opinion. I don't know how much more she wants or expects out of me, I am on top of our financial situation, I am helping my son and trying to be the absolutely best I can be at anything I attempt but it never seems to be enough for her, sometimes I just feel like telling her to f***k off. Oh well, I think I have vented enough for one day, more in the next entry, in the meantime, ciao.

April 11, 2008

Well, This Might Be My Last Entry For A While

With just three of us in the house now, there really isn't much to write about except about my son, I am trying to get him medical care and help with his SSI claim and we are just in a holding pattern. As for the brother-in-law' former room it has been turned into a gathering room and storage area, it still smells of cigarettes due to the fact the carpet has been burned over and over and is beyond cleaning stage. Anyway, that's all for now, when I think of anything worth writing about you'll see it in this space. Take care of yourselves for you are all you have.

April 2, 2008

Not Many Words to Write Today

Last week some of my relatives began the process of cleaning out my brother-inlaw's room, just a week after we buried him, some would think that was premature due to his just passing about two weeks before. I guess their reasoning is to get it over quickly and put the room to another use. Who knows. More later I guess, until then peace and remember life is precious so enjoy every living moment you have, it could be your last.

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