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February 28, 2005

Marking statistics and doing statistics homework.

I have been busy the last three nights steadily marking statistics homework for students. I have also been doing my own statistics home work for the past two or three weeks. I worked at some security work these past two weeks. I attended a union meeting for my teaching assistant's union as well in Toronto. I have four labs to give this week and a mid term to proctor on Saturday and then must mark this test. I will also have some new assignments to mark coming in on Wednesday. So I hope to have this marking I am doing this weekend done by Tuesday morning. Then get this incoming assignment marked by Saturday morning then get the mid-term marked next week. I do not have any security work scheduled and will remember not to book any work at this job for a few weeks now.

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February 27, 2005

Another quiet night

I slept in the day again. My wife did a laundry so we have clean bed clothes. She dranks some beer. Then she watched the Oscars. I went out at about 11 PM and bought milk, pop and a little instant food supplies. I also bought a bus pass for the month of March. I am checking the budget as we get ready for March. Our income is up because of my statistics teaching work.

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February 26, 2005

Quiet night at home

My wife watched Time After Time on dvd. Now she is watching Forrest Gump. She is the house movie expert. We are ordering her about 5 dvd's. I went to the corner store and bought frozen French fries, pop, a Croatian chocolate bar and ice cream. I am up since 4 PM doing statistics. I am also planing some spending for later in the week. Bills will get paid and our debit will lessen.

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February 25, 2005

I am back home after my union leadership meeting.

I got in about half an hour ago. I had a nice talk on the bus with a young stranger. She works at legal aid in Toronto. I reviled my disability to her and my wife's. We talked about school and work. We also talked about the bus trip a lot.

I got a phone message basically saying the government had messed up my income verification and could not put two and two together and verify my income this month. This means we won't be getting a cheque on Monday. This made me angry. I will have to phone the government office on Monday and try to straighten it out. I will also have to have the ERN fax the goverment office.

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February 24, 2005

Working hard on my own studies

I am working hard to research my honours paper and writing it with the new edits the tutors and a friend gave me. I am also writing up my first datamining project. I showed my nephew and niece how my data mining software works.

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I am attending a union meeting on leadership and visiting family

I am in Toronto right now visiting my family here. I am staying at a downtown hotel for a union leadership meeting tomorrow.

I have gotten my schedule for victims support volunteering for March. So that's union volunteering and criminology volunteering coming along fine. I am a bit behind on marking but should do that when I get back home tomorrow.

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February 23, 2005

My wife's book is in the mail and mine has a cover art file

My wife's book is in the mail and mine has a cover art file.

Maybe I hadn't said this before but my wife is a poet and I am a cyberpunk writer. My wife's first poetry book is in its second edition and is being sent from the printers as 50 copies. Two of my own short stories are waiting to be published in an anthology and I am also editor for. I have some money to publish this collection but was waiting for cover art which I have received today. I now only have to cash in my savings bonds and order the book through iuniverse.

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February 22, 2005

I bought a large Rubbermaid(TM) storage tote for books.

I bought a large Rubbermaid(TM) storage tote for books. This will store them at my mom's place. I will also give away some books to the library where she volunteers. I still need to pick out the books from my library that will be stored and given away.

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Talking to E about haldol

E and I talked in the library yesterday. We chatted about doses of haldol and weight gain. We also talked about how cheap computer parts are at the school's bookstore/computer shop.

I meantioned a stigma buster campaign on at our major psychiatry hospital. They are playing adds of former patients on TV. It seems metal illness strikes all classes. I wonder about mental illness and its treatment in China these days. You certainly can't learn about that in the business news or watching cartoons.

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I bought an ethernet switch and a USB multicard reader.

I bought a few computer parts lately. One was a Linksys 5-port ethernet switch to hook my Linux computers into my home network. I also bought a simple USB mutlicard reader and transfered some family photos to my palm.

I forgot my palm and my agenda book at the union offices on Sunday. Yes I use a pen and ink agenda as well as my palm agenda. I picked them up on Monday. So even with everything together I still forget things from time to time.

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Just up early to prepare for work.

I am just up early to prepare for work. I am working 8 hours today and then 8 hours tomrrow. I also got some marking done yesterday. I also got our income reported yesterday for the past two months.

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February 20, 2005

My mom confirmed that my magazines had been stored.

Although the storage is not heated my New Times magazines are now being stored. These were from a subscription I had gotten in the early 1990's during my curiousity about Russia phase of life. I also learned the basics of the Russian language in this phase.

My wife and her friend made salad and vegetarian shepards pie yesterday. They also drank some beer and watched Saturday Night Fever. I spent no time cleaning yesterday or today yet.

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February 19, 2005

I read a little about IP and a little about privacy.

I read a little about IP and a little about privacy. I am doing a section of my paper on privacy. I searched some cases on Lexis. I found more private law cases this way. I also did some data mining and histograms and prefected the printout of those and printed them.

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My mom took some magazines into storage

My mom took my collection of the New Times and she is putting them in storage. These magazines document the fall of the Soviet Union.

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Just helping with the newspapers again.

I worked at two jobs on Thursday. I spent Friday doing school work and volunteering with the union. Now I am still up from Friday and studying. I also used the Internet a little. I used Yahoo chat and usenet. I am now getting ready to help deliver Saturday's paper.

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February 17, 2005

I am just heading out to a day shift

I am working an 8 hour shift today. I have been studying with a linguistics graduate student who has been helping me with my honours paper. I have also been preparing the paper to submit to a conference. I will work today at two jobs. I will come home at about 4 PM today then go to school where I will protoctor a test. I will feel good at the end of the night.

Yesterday and Tuesday I got some marking done for a statistics course. Also yesterday I gave a lab. I saw a professor of criminology and discussed graduate school with her and she volunteered to write a letter of recommendation for me to apply to graduate school at the U of O.

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February 15, 2005

New Dressor, new ethernet switch and new safety shoes

I got my wife a new Ikea 6 drawer dressor for her birthday. I set it up on Sunday. Last week I bought a new linksys 5 port ethernet switch at a local computer shop. This local computer shop promises good prices and is maybe what is known as a modifications shop or mod shop. They sell a lot of fans and cases for computers.

I bought myself a custom case a couple of years ago. I got it working now with Debian Linux and KDE and its Duron 850Mhz chip. It has 256MB ram. I don't use it a lot because I have two newer computers that are functioning fine.

I also bought just yesterday something on sale at Zellers. I had been meaning to buy some safety shoes and ended up with a pair of safety hikers for 44$. They are not made by a well know company or a company known particularly for their quality. But they seem solid and have the approved safety features I need such as steel toe and bottom plate and are also electrical shock resistant. They are for stage hand work mostly but really will work for any construction or moving work. My workplace provides me with safety Oxfords for my security work. My old pair of safety boots bought in 1995 have fallen apart. Now I actually have three pairs of safety shoes. I am a strong believer in safety and have considering becoming trained in health and safety in the workplace. I know a fair amount and read ergonomics and safety engineering literature from our school's library. These new safety shoes are fun too not just plain black Oxfords. I will try not to wear them in winter or in the rain.

Speaking of weather I will reinstall our air conditioning in about two months. It will be our first summer with air conditioning.

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A fair amount of work this week.

I am working 8 hours only in security this week. I am also working at a mid-term this week. These are both on the same day this week then I have the weekend off except for more marking. I have a fair amount of marking to do. I will do some this morning and finish this assignment today or early tomorrow morning and hand it back to the students in their lab Wednesday morning. Then I have a different assignment to mark over the weekend.

I am also volunteering this weekend. I also am volunteering this morning with the union and tomorrow at city hall.

I have not been doing any web mastering or private tutoring recently.

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I got some writing help at school

This final year paper is a lot of work. I got some more written about privacy and the framework. I took my paper in to school on Monday and a tutor looked it over with me using a technique called verbalisation and we made corrections. I just added these corrections to my paper and am printing another copy to show a tutor today if I can get an appointment after my union meeting this morning. The paper is now 23 pages long.

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I bagged 6 bags of laundry

I made 6 bags of laundry and got all the clothes off my floor. My wife has started to do this laundry and is now about half way through this massive job. I got my new uniform pants hemmed and now washed and ready to go for an 8 hour work shift this week. That is Thursday and I have had Monday and Tuesday off of my main work or teaching assistant work except for some marking yesterday and today.

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February 14, 2005

I did some reaching out for support by email and feel good today

I was a little anxious since taking risperadol since 1997. I reached out a bit by email yesterday and got some good support. I am heading off to school to renew my freenet account today. I also paid my math society dues and found my cheque book to pay some domain name Internet fees and rent for the year. I will also pick up some work and see about a writing tutorial appointment. That reminds me I need to print a current copy of my paper. I also got an old friend to proof read for me. She is not disAbled but is a current Ph.D candidate and punk rock friend. Ya, the Ramones are cool enough. It doesn't look too cold out today.

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February 12, 2005

Got my marking done on Thursday.

I didn't have a chance to post anything on Thursday because I was so busy marking statistics assignments. I got them done and then did some labs on Thursday night. I am trying to get some more advanced projects or papers or conferences to go to but am taking on too much. My security work has been quiet although I have one 8 hour shift this week on a construction site. I have new safety shoes for this work. I got my new security guard pants back from the tailor and need to wash them now before I start to wear them.

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C, J and R over again on Friday.

C, J and R came over on Friday. We watched the film Hackers. Then C and J watched 20-20 and R left. I went to my office and read information law studies.

Then early this morning I helped with the newspapers, read the paper then slept until 6 PM. I woke up and did a few chats with on-line friends. I got asked to be on a cable TV show and be interviewed by the daughter of a former Prime Minister during this year's mental health awareness week. I said yes.

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February 09, 2005

Writing more, thinking about computer crime and proof reading.

I am deep into writing a 60 page paper right now. I have about 22 pages written and need another 40 pages still. I will have to look at issues of privacy and industry responses to computer crime. At the same time I am tracing the emergence of computers in the law.

I did some more marking overnight and am now just getting ready for a day at school. I have two public meetings today and a lab to give in the morning. Yesterday was Nirvana day on the Buddist calendar and I felt good about it.

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February 08, 2005

Marking like crazy and now writing a lot.

I am working on marking some statistics assignments. I worked all morning for about 4 hours in total. I also read a little more about some self help and did my usual off-line journal.

I basically stayed inside since getting home from work Monday morning. When I slept today it was from 8 AM to 5 PM. When I woke up I went out almost right away to a volunteer meeting. I am talking to another volunteer M about herbal medications and our spouses' psychiatric meds. It is good to meet others involved in psychiatry. I have also met some one involved in a food purchase program who has depression. Psychiatry seems to be a common enough topic with just about anyone.

After getting home from my meeting I started to work on email, then listened to some music and got my wife her meds. She was out with some support workers tonight and other consumers watching films. We are ordering some DVD's and building our collection. I spent the last hour or so perfecting my computer crime paper and now must get back to marking statistics assignments over night. In the morning I have a lab to give and then maybe see my honours paper supervisor if he is free. My coordinator in our disabled student's centre again cancelled an appoinment this week.

Then I will attend a union by-election where I will run as president of our local if no one else does. Then after this meeting on Chinese New Years day with Chinese food being served I will go to another meeting. This time this will be a green party school club meeting.

Then I go out to my bi-weekly role playing game for a 31 hour day.

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February 07, 2005

Old friend called

An old friend H called. H is studying final high school year maths by correspondence. His life has stablised a bit. He also has schizophrenia. He has had my help studying high school maths in the past. We used to play music together. He is living in an apartment in our market district. He worked as a dishwasher for three months recently. I am selling him my Quadra 800 for 50$. It was good to hear from him. We agreed to only talk math in the future not all the things we used to relate about. We used to abuse street drugs together for instance. I am now clean and sober so will not relate to him about street drugs.

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Going out to buy fries and ketchup

I am just getting ready to go to the store and buy French fries and ketchup. I am also going to get some coke a cola.

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Worked another 12 hours

Wok went alright. I got home a little late and slept. I woke up feeling good. I am now going to mark assignments over night tonight.

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February 06, 2005

Going to work for the night

I am just getting prepared for a night shift as a security guard. I slept most of the day after being on call as a volunteer early this morning. I was tired and slept well. I am catching up on my marking too.

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February 05, 2005

Tried to visit someone on the affective disorders ward tonight.

I am on a board of directors with some other consumers. One of these people is voluntarily in hospital right now. I went to the hospital and tried to visit him. I had never been on this ward. That relates to my delusions I had last time in hospital where I thought I had been in that hospital before but probably had never been there in my life. I am 100% certain I had never physically been on this particular ward I was visiting tonight. This speaks of my present sanity and being involved more in my own awareness these days and in awareness of the mental health system. In the past I tried to avoid this system. Anyways my friend G was not there.

I came home by bus and marked some statistics assignments. I am just going on shift in my volunteer work now until 8 am. I will study law and statistics over night while being on call. Maybe I will write some more of my honours paper and I will mark some more of the statistics assigments. I will also help a little with getting the newspapers ready for delivery but I won't actually go out and deliver them as I have to be on call all night.

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February 04, 2005

Started my wife on vitamin C and iorn pills

I started my wife on 500 mg vitamin C a day and an iorn pill every other day. Her nurse was asking today about her diabetes medications but she doesn't take anything for that yet.

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February 03, 2005

This blog will soon be 1 year old.

This blog will have its first birthday on February 20th, 2005.

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Just finishing up a chapter in a book about self-help.

Circles of Recovery by Keith Humphreys is his study into substance abuse self-help groups world wide. I am just finishing reading the chapter with brief summaries of the different groups. I learned a lot about groups all over the world I did not know about.

I am marking an assignment in survey techniques this morning. I am also waiting for my own statistics assignment in my data mining course to be posted to the web, so I can start doing the work.

I am attending a workshop today at noon for non-profits in web mastering and web design.

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February 02, 2005

Reading about self-help groups

I am reading two studies into self-help groups.

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Too much privatization going on in our economy.

The public sector is hurting as neo liberal governments attempt to privatize our public sector like creating health integration networks.

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February 01, 2005

Union meeting with national president and provincial president

I got corraled into meeting with the big union bosses tonight. I volunteer with our teaching assistant union. We don't have a local president right now. I might volunteer for this next year. It would be a lot of work but I would be given an honourarium for expenses. I would also have fewer courses to study next year. So it might work out ok. I am just going to check the bus schedule and then head out to this solidarity meeting.

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