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March 29, 2005

I spend a lot of time shopping.

I wonder if this is part of insanity to spend all this time shopping. Today I managed to go to the pharmacy and buy only consumables no real extras. I also have been buying or spending much too much on our entertainment budget. We have spent about 150$ on my wife's movie habit. My new TV was needed for school work though as was the DVD/VHS player as my summer course in public law will be broadcast on TV and I will record the lectures to VHS tapes. But the PSP is a pure entertainment device and I am not even sure I will use it a lot. Oh well I bought it on the first day of its North American product release. Therefore I am an early adopter of this toy.

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I read about post modern views and other stuff last night

It is already morning here. I read about post-modern interpretations of the Internet in a book called On-Line Subjectivities. I also studied some paralimentary proceedure. I also read about murder victims and supporting murder victims families or secondary victims.

I bought two magazines that deal with the Play Station Portable(PSP) a game device I bought myself to watch films on and listen to music. I have been trying to buy some PSP memory sticks today and yesterday too. This is an end of term present to myself. I may study the PSP as a research project.

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I have worked for only one hour tonight.

I have worked for only one hour tonight. I hope to work another 1 or 2 more hours this Tuesday morning.

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March 28, 2005

I learned about classification trees tonight

I have had an evening lecture on Monday's all winter term. In our second to last class we covered classificiation trees. We are given our class notes over the web on Sunday night and we must print these ourselves to bring to class. It has been quite a pain to print these every week on both sides of the page. This time I had only two pages of print errors. I attended tonight's lecture and again spoke up in class. I understand the technique. I must apply supervised learning and classification techinques to our third assignment and also our final project. The final project is on credit risk and uses real credit data from Germany. The good thing about statistics is that it is partly a business education and teaches me much about business in the examples.

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Still busy marking statistical stratification assignments

I am busy right now marking assignments in sampling methodology. This is my main work right now. I hope to have this marking done this week.

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March 27, 2005

I worked another hour marking this morning

Well I worked for another hour this morning. I should still do another 5 hours today.

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I hope to work for 8 hours today.

I have already worked for two hours today since 2 am. I hope to work for 8 hours today total. On Monday I have one hour scheduled for web training work and should get another 2-4 hours done on marking.

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter and warm greetings to non christians.

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I have a lot of studying to do.

I should get this marking done soon so I can focus on my own studies more.

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Survived my first domestic dangerous situtation.

We helped a friend get her clothes from her abusive partners place. I have been studying women's abuse services. It was highley dangerous. But it went peacefully.

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I need to motivate myself to mark papers

Well I have the quiet time I need now overnight. Now I have to mark assignments. They are due on Thursday or Tuesday. If I can I will be mostly doing statistics for today.

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March 25, 2005

Been emailing my mom's roommate today

There was an article in the Vancouver press about a mother and son who has schizophrenia and it was reprinted in our local newspaper. My mom's roommate pointed it out to me and I read it Friday at lunch. I then emailed him some defensive discussion of the case. We emailed back and forth day arguing about it. We then emailed back and forth about Internet law.

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I was invited to a prestigious forum on the Chinese Communist party

Apparently the Chinese communist party is starting to come apart. I have been invited to discuss this and speak out about this at a local university in April.

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I have been active in my union lately and volunteering as usual elsewhere

Well I am finally a health and safety representitive for a union. In our AGM I stepped down as personal safety representitive and volunteered as a health and safety representitive. I will also be getting some training for this work so this relates to my peer to peer health training and my victims couseling and also my distaster relief skills sets. It is also a follow up to some of my research into ergonomics and work place safety so fits also well with my security work.

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Taking a little time off immediate studies

I haven't worked too much on my paper since Tuesday. Also I have not worked on my data mining assignment this week. I have been teaching statistics and marking statistics assignments though. I will be doing more of these studies this weekend.

I have also been researching a lot including reading about women in computer science majors. I am also reading a world bank report on knowledge in development. I am also reading about XML and using it in databases.

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Sorry I haven't updated in three days

I was supper busy Tuesday with my honours paper. Then Wednesday was our union's AGM. Then Thursday I looked after household stuff and was on call in my volunteer work. Today I should be able to post some things.

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March 21, 2005

Reading about violence in the Saami people and anarchism in anthropology

I borrowed a small tract on establishing an anarchist anthropology by Graeber, David. Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology (Chicago: Prickly Paradigm, 2004). I read two chapters today. I also borrowed a book on violence that is multidiciplinary, Anderson, Myrdene. ed. Cultural Shaping of Violence: Victimization, Escalation, Response (West Lafayette, IN: Purdue University, 2004). This second book was where I read about the Saami and the lack of violence in their culture but who would really call less violence a "lack". Just me I suppose.

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March 20, 2005

I am printing this blog out in hard copy.

I am printing this blog out in hard copy. I am putting the hard copy in my paper and pen journal. I also keep track of our money in this journal and my daily life including buses and work. I put last falls finances and daily journal notes in storage binders. Thus I only have 2005 notes now in my paper binder. I reduce stress and manage my money and time with this binder. I read this binder almost everyday. I also use both a paper and a palm agenda. I read my paper agenda a few times everyday. I only use my palm sporatically now. But it is very useful for electronic notes that I can share with others in my business world.

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I worked another half hour marking assignments

I managed to work a an extra half hour on marking assignments in statistics. I got one complex calculation question graded for 80 students.

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I did paid work for three hours today

I worked today for two hours on the union web site and might put in another two hours before the day is up. This means I have about 15 hours to go on this work then I can get paid and pay for the DVD/VHS player. I also spent the first one of twenty hours marking a statistics assignement so nineteen hours to go on that work. I have already been paid for this work.

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I worked for aqbout 12 hours today writing

I spent about 12 hours today so far writing my paper and it is finally starting to get a theme in it now. I am using my research a fresh. I am getting more productive with writing and updated most of my many blogs today. I am certainly still feeling weird and uncertain but also very recovered and able.

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Union local's web site work

I put in two hours just now fixing up my union's web site on the new host computer.

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Marking assignments today and other work on web pages.

I started to mark 80 some assignments in statistics. I am doing the marking one question at a time.

I also helped with the newspapers this morning as a Canadian Tire catalogue is included in today's paper so the carrier needed extra help preparing the newspapers which he does everyday in the lobby of our apartment building.

I am also going to plan the union local's web site today.

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March 19, 2005

Worked hard on my honours paper and my data mining assignment.

I spent hours working on my data mining assignment using R. I was working on it and got a good plan for it too. I have read the data into R the open source statistical software. i would like to try to solve this data mining problem with SAS and also, C++ and PERL.

I also listed and prioritised activities and jobs I have to do in the coming week. I have two assignments to grade. One is due Wednesday and will only take less than three hours. The other assignement will take 20 hours and is not due until two weeks from now. I also have web work to do and would like to get that done by Wednesday and that will also take 20 hours. But I made these plans Friday morning yesterday and now I have only about 19 hours left to do on the web site. If I go over the budgeted time the union will give me another 25 hour contract.

I am going to spend the next hour on my honours paper and spent some time on it Wednesday night, Friday morning and earlier this morning.

I am almost at the end of my day but I will go to school still this morning and also do a little shopping for supplies.

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March 18, 2005

Falling behind on my honours paper.

I am not working as much as I would have liked on my honours paper. I was able to print a copy yesterday morning but did not get it to my professor who was away a lot this week looking after his children on March break. I am just about to edit the final case law and need to proof read and finalise my legislation appendix's. I am also about to print our my third data mining assignement and may start working on that too before sleeping Friday morning at 4 am or 5 am. I am going on to the night shift for the weekend. I did some reading on information technolgies in the developing world which I have been studying since 2003 winter term. I prioritised research as number 2 and school work as number 3 in activities for the next week.

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March 17, 2005

3 hours working today as a teacher.

I gave three one hour labs today in statistics in particular covering stratified random sampling. I also picked up almost 80 assignments to mark. I figure I have about ten days to do this and it will take about 20 hours of my teaching assistant time budget. I also have 2-3 hours to mark 20 assignments from another course.

I budgeted and prioritised all my study, work, and other activities just now. I am only looking forward with school work and teaching work about 1 week and slightly into the next week after that. It is year end now but I am also preparing for this summer's course in public law. Since I have had this blog I have completed 2 credits in law or 2/5's of a normal university year and half a credit in computer math or one term course. I am staying up an extra few hours tonight. I will start marking the 20 assignments tonight and get those half done before sleeping. I am back dating this entry 1 hour.

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March 16, 2005

The TV arrived today.

The TV I ordered on Monday arrived today. I set it up and then made a shelf to hold the TV above the new DVD and VHS player. It is a very nice TV and I bought a component video cable as well today. I need to curb my spending a bit.

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Worked this morning

I gave a statistics lab today. I had to wake up early. I did though today not attend steward training with my teaching assistant union. I am working though on the union local's web site. I am being paid a small wage for this work. This will cover the cost of my new office TV. I also did not attend my city hall meeting either. I needed to come to task with my term paper and get it ready to hand in a rough copy tomorrow to my supervisor. I am getting lifted by the nearness of the end of my BA and also feeling good about the new spring weather and my work in teaching. My data mining course is also going well and letting me feel good about my progress.

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Life becoming more normal

My sleep has been more normal 9-5 this past few weeks.

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March 15, 2005

Working brings more money

I was able to buy a DVD rom drive to install solaris 8. I just came out of the install process but my video card is not supported. I could get a pentium III 550 system that would work. I paid 80$ for this DVD of solaris 8 and I found out later it is free for download. Stupid me!

I also bought an RCA 20" flat screen TV over the web and a Sony DVD/VHS player from the Hudson's Bay Company. I was travelling around by bus today doing this.

I also went to see a writing tutor and in the end of my voyage when to see my psychiatrist. He said I was doing great on risperadol so would not involve me in a study looking at alternatives.

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March 14, 2005

I worked on my law paper until early Monday morning

I worked on my law paper until early Monday morning. I am just now at 3:00 AM going to sleep having taken my meds an hour ago. I got all the US cases properly cited in the bibliography and now need to format those and add them to the footnotes. I also this morning/night added case content from about 8 cases. I have insider crimes, I have credit card crimes, I have infamous cases and I have police using hacking cases. My paper is becoming too long now. I need a rewrite tomorrow on Tuesday.

I printed out data mining lecture notes for my lecture later tonight. I read a little about mining XML semi structured documents with various algorithms. I briefly just reviewed an assignment I will have to mark. My mom advised me not to start a Ph.D in criminology but to continue to work in teaching statistics and that graduate school in statistics would be better for me.

I studied KDE downloads at the KDE home page. I spent about two hours on my two Linux computers late last night before getting to work on my law paper. I shouldn't have printed the section of the law paper that I did because right away I edited it more on the computer screen and small parts of it changed again.

I must sleep goodnight big world out there. Stay free.

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March 13, 2005

I joined the Association of Internet Researchers.

I joined an academic body the association of Internet researchers this past week. Visit our web site at

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Quiet Sunday

I should be working more on my essay this weekend as that is the only school work I need to do this weekend. I am just heading out to the grocery store for supper stuff. I got some homework done well on Friday. My paper is due at the end of this month.

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I am getting into freecycle

There is an international movement called Freecycle. They post things that are free for taking and offer things free for taking. I gave away some old science books, some old computer games and an old laser printer thus cleaning my place up a bit. I am offering an old unused lamp now and some political posters. I got a free bike courier bag so far. Search for a free cycle near you.

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March 11, 2005

I am just printing homework for tonight's class

I am kind of rushed by my printing speed. I am just printing my homework for my data mining class tonight. I might post something early Saturday morning. I am also working a lot on my honours paper as it nears completion.

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Working hard the last two days

Well it is still Thursday for me. I can kind of give up the need to sleep odd hours as I had a regular week up till now. Although I wasn't really early for work I wasn't late either. I just spent two days working and volunteering a lot which is why I didn't write anything here. I got all the assignments and mid-terms marked in one lab section I am assigned to.

I also gave two labs last night. I got out of the second lab and went to hear a Chief Technology Officer of a major company speak at our school. I came home and read interesting bits from a few books. Then I wrote some of my paper. I then created a list of books I had read in January and February last year. I spent about two hours surfing

Since my last entry I have become a member of the Association of Internet Researchers. I got some new job offers and signed a contract to do some web content management for one of my union locals.

I have my data mining course later today in the evening. I am going to proof read and write some of more of my paper now and take a good long break from the computer. I'll also take some vitamins and make some late night coffee.

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March 08, 2005

Hospital book store for doctors.

I found a hospital book store for doctors, nurses, assistants and EMT personal. I picked up a SAS book there and will also be back to buy some Palm software for psychiatry and emergency work. I will also buy some statistics books there in biostatistics or epidemiology.

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Student's mid-term marked.

I have about three or four mid-terms left to go so these are basically marked and ready to return to the students tomorrow. I really enjoy this teaching assistant work. I think there might be a career for me in teaching statistics.

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March 07, 2005

I attended a disAbility coalition meeting

I maanaged even in this snow storm to get out and attend a disAbility coalition meeting in my neighbourhood. We discussed some issues and planned to have a full day meeting in June or May.

I am not working in security this week. I did though get some marking done yesterday and today. I need to get a lot of marking done by Wednesday this week but actually it is only about 3 or 4 more hours of work and I have no meetings tomorrow or work other than this teaching assistant work. Tomorrow I hope to attend a feminist fair at St. Pauls University.

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March 06, 2005

I got some more statistics homework done.

I like this professor of statistics I met with yesterday. Her assignments are doable. She gave me some feedback and direction on what to do to complete the assignment and I was able to do it without too much work. I will now just print out my answers and be done with that for today.

I helped proctor a mid-term in basic university statistics yesterday and then marked the multiple choice questions from that test for my lab section. I was the loud voice at the test and directed the students in writing the test. I also have to mark an assignment for these students by Wednesday.

For my law paper I met with my supervisor on Friday and with his direction realised I need to organise my case law better. I did this morning print out all the cases I have collected from legal on-line databases. I also checked the legislation I had printed last year during legal studies and this morning and yesterday morning I copied and pasted criminal code sections from US and Canadian law into my paper making my paper at least 10 pages longer and this was at the advise of my supervisor.

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March 05, 2005

I got some statistics homework done tonight

Well it was first year calculus and transformations of X and Y axis as I tried to place city names on a map after a multidimensional scaling of city to city distances. Ah euclidean space now there's a thing.

I just today read John Nash's auto-biography on the Nobel prize web site. I don't see myself as a gifted in your face with my arrogant work type of paranoid schizophrenic. I am much more modest and just continue to produce my best. I am too beaten down by my science education from the 1970's that only featured male scientists and it is really my sceince education and socialisation in the late 1990's and early 2000's that has brough a more gender balanced and racially balanced approach to the social world of science doing.

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Tired after 19 hours awake.

Yes I can now sleep and not help out with the newspapers. I am working tomorrow in the evening and volunteering to visit a morgue tomorrow for my victims assistance support training.

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March 04, 2005

R,C and J here again, L still here, T here talking by computer.

As usual R, J and C came by and we talked about mental health and other topics like sexuality and the horrible news today that four mounties had been killed. But as the night wore on I got to my school work and started to phase out of the living room conversation and eventually barely said good bye to our guests.

I had gotten on-line with my wireless computer on the living room coffee table and was searching criminal code sections to add to my paper. When I went on line my computer told me T had logged into her MSN account so we chatted briefly. I completed my copy and paste of criminal code sections and printed the new section of my paper on legislation. I just need to proof read it now. I had an appointment earlier in the day with my supervisor and wanted to get to work with his suggestions. Ok T wasn't really here but it sounds Internet cool eh?

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March 03, 2005

My wife's book is here now.

We have the 2nd edition of my wife's book now. We have 50 copies and if anyone here would like one please contact me. You can leave a comment if you want. I am busy with statistics again this weekend but also will be volunteering and seeing my honours supervisor tomorrow morning.

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March 01, 2005

I printed out the February blog entries and read it. Everything seems ok.

I had a rought day today geting into an argument with a disAbility support government worker on the phone. I rested and feel good now. I printed out all my blogs in hard copy as back up and just an hour and a half ago read this blogs entries for February and I seem to have accomplished a lot.

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I got a data mining assignment done on time.

I was was under pressure yesterday to get my data mining assignment done on time and got it done. The professor granted an extension so I can also do some more work on this assignment. I was printing like mad and my printer ran out of paper which means I had to reboot the laptop and this caused more time lose. I did though not blow my top and managed to feel good at getting this done. I am thinking graduate school in statistics is not such a hard thing to do.

I have not been working on my law paper for a few days and my supervisor wants to discuss some comments on the structure of the paper at this point. I have to meet with him sometime this week.

I have been studying AA in self help group research studies. I have also been reading a little Parker the original computer crime researcher from the 1970's in the USA. I have also been reading about cities and terrorism and non-spaces. Good civil defence and addressing grievences before they cause violence is what is needed. As well we must continue to reform liberal society to be more caring and yet more on guard for possible inamicability.

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Still up over nights marking statistics.

I am still taking my time to do the marking right of the statistics assignment I must grade. I sorted out the government income we get by verifying income yesterday on the phone with employers and faxing pay stubs to the government. I also picked up a pay stub at the math school and got my tax form for my math school work income. I can now complete my income tax for 2004. I am being very productive and enjoying my work in statistics.

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