June 26, 2006

New Movie in the works: Imagining Beethoven

It has been reported (by the Hollywood Reporter) that a new movie is in production by Steven Speilberg's firm -- DreamWorks -- on Nathaniel Ayer's life, the street musician in Los Angeles who suffers from schizophrenia.

"DreamWorks to Adapt Tale of Homeless Musician

DreamWorks has hired Susannah Grant to write an adaptation of a 12-part series of Los Angeles Times newspaper columns by Steve Lopez about a homeless schizophrenic musiciain with grandiose dreams of playing at Walt Disney Concert Hall. The adaptation is tentatively called Imagining Beethoven. The musician, named Nathaniel Anthony Ayers, was a former student at prestigious Julliard School. He wanders around the city's Skid Row with his beat up violin and hears the sounds all around him as if they were an orchestra."

We reported on the series of stories about Nathaniel Ayers that was written by Steve Lopez in 2005. You can read the full series at the following link - they are highly recommended reading:

Nathaniel Ayers - Life on the Streets of Los Angeles

More on Nathaniel Ayers


I tried to follow the links to the story of Nathaniel, However the 1st article in the Los Angles times on Nathanial written by Steve Lopez is missing and so I am unable to read it
Can you provide a copy of the text from this first story
"Violinist Has the World on 2 Strings" (April 17, 2005)
The other 2 editions for April 27th & May 8th are there and readable

Posted by: RBH at July 3, 2006 08:16 AM

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