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December 31, 2004

I did back up my eMac

I did back up my eMac. I also comparison shopped for memory and hard drives from four computer big box stores.

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Getting ready to do monthly back ups.

Every month now I hard copy print my blogs and burn a CD of the folders on my computer. I only back up my laptop but maybe tonight I will back up my eMac as well. I need to get a new internal hard drive for one of my computers and also an external hard drive to back up my eMac. But that will be expensive so I will wait a few months.

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Did my night shift last night on call this New Years day in victims support

Well it was a busy night shift last night as a security guard. But that is done. I slept today. We did not buy alcohol tonight. My wife is watching King Kong on her new DVD player. I am getting ready for a shift in victims support from 12 am to 8 am. I am going to study on the computer over night and hopefully get my mini paper on computer crime written some more.

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Various greetings coming in on the email

Like I said I have been through various sets of friends since leaving high school. Basically I have my high school friends set that includes people from my childhood. Then I have my set of friends from my first psychosis when I first lived on my own and worked. Then my radical punk rock set of friends. Then I have my self help group friends. These days I have various circles of friends either at work or in my volunteer activities. Most of these later friends are rather associates who I work or volunteer with professionally. I also have some union comrades who are spread over two unions. Well greetings for the holidays are coming in now from all these people. I also have Internet associates but most of these people I have never met in real life. I also include my professor's as associates and some of them are near my age some younger and some older but basically they are friendly and professional. And of course there are all the students I share school with these days and in the past but I never get too close with these people.

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December 30, 2004

I am just heading to work for a night shift.

I am working a night shift tonight. I will be leaving for work in an couple of hours. There is a freezing rain warning for our city today and tomorrow.

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December 29, 2004

I had my teeth cleaned. I have three cavities.

We get limited free dental care from our government. I got my teeth scaled, polished and had a flouride treatment. I came home and have some time off before I head out to play dungeons and dragons.

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I have a dentist's appointment

I am just going out to the dentist's to have my teeth cleaned.

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Discussing the nature of freindship and other stuff like work with old friend

Well P my old friend and I went out for coffee. He has a learning disability but has done quite well. He is married and working as a teacher now which he enjoys. He was a cancer researcher for many years. He is also a closet writer. His wife works as an emergency doctor. We chatted about friendship and how to define that. Of course, we talked about old aquaitances and associates and others we knew in high school. We also talked teaching issues and language issues involved in professionalism and post modernism. He knows more about literature than I do and certainly more about teaching. But I also work in teaching so was able to relate to much of what we talked about. He met my wife too which is good.

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December 28, 2004

Got the new working wireless b router and a new suit jacket.

I continued to take advantage of the boxing sales. I went back to Staples for a third time and bought the same things I bought on Sunday, a Networks Everywhere wireless b router and two space crates for holding books and files. I got the router working and am now surfing on my laptop wirelessly. I came home after buying the router and got my wife chips and dip and pop after setting up the router. I then went out to the major department store and bought birthday presents for some young girls. I got these sisters matching red fleece tops. I also got myself a new touque. I bought a business suit jacket and then went to the grocewry store. I managed to get vegetables and cheese and soup. We ate spagehti for supper. I am on holidays and enjoying it.

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My old friend will come by tomorrow

My old friend went to a funeral of a former drummer and band leader of mine. The drummer was 46 when he died. He was not too close to me when I was younger and had not contacted me in twenty years. I was the last one to look up my dead chum he never looked me up. I had no chance to attend his funeral. I was his friend when his mother passed away. That was in my first psychosis. I acted inappropriately when his mother died. I figured this out in therapy. Oh well four sets of friends ago.

My friend the cancer researcher will be dropping tomorrow at 11 am. I am up a little later today as I adjust my sleep for Thursday's night shift. I am then volunteering for two over night shifts. I am just listening to Suzanne Vega's lyric "I can only teach you night vision." Ah Lyric's my dead friend J sure got me into poetry and lyrics. Life and death continue here.

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Friend in town.

A friend I have known since the 1960's is in town and we might go out for coffee. He is also clean and sober. He is a research doctor not a medical doctor but a PhD. I would probably have a PhD now too if I had not had schizophrenia as that was what was expected of us in our community and family.

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Router was non-functional took it back and bought non-tech stuff.

I did buy a wireless router yes. I had it working with the wired port and even had somewhat of a wireless connection working. But then yesterday when I tried out the wireless it wasn't working. So I upgraded the firmware but then nothing about it worked. I called the companies support line and after much resetting and pinging the help lady who I think was in India told me to take it back to the store which I did. I spent about 20 minutes in the store looking for stuff to buy with my refund but bought nothing.

I also yesterday spent about 15 minutes in a book store but slowly realised that I could get books at libraries and my brother gave us an gift certifcate so we have some new books in the mail to us anyways. I did spend about 20 minutes in an artists shop I have frequented since 1981 when I studied map making. After getting my refund at Staples I went back to the art shop and bought some Air Brush paint for painting my little role playing game miniatures. After this I came home and painted a little and then still had some money for my wife to order pizza. I slept at 3 PM and woke up this morning at 1:30 am. I have been happily using my laptop and Mac computer all morning. I have not done any studying this morning yet.

I am tempted to go and buy another router today and see if I can get one that works. At least the store have a 30 day money back guarantee{sp?}. I may just get some more space crates and file folders.

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December 27, 2004

I slept at 12 noon yesterday woke at at 9 PM

Well yesterday like I said I went shopping early in the morning. I had stayed up late on Saturday and helped with Sunday's newspaper. I then slept at 12 noon Sunday and woke up late Sunday evening. I am now up to about 4 pm on Monday. My next work shift is Thursday night shift.

I am just about to take 1 g of niacin and 1 g of vitamin C.

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yesterday's post.

I actually cheated on the date of the last post. I wanted a perfect month of posts so turned the time back a couple of hours. Oh well it is not like I am being graded or paid to write this. Nor do I think will this blog end up in court in some case.

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December 26, 2004

First in line this morning at Staples

I have a spending problem but have never really been keen on boxing day sales. This morning I was keen though and was first in line at Staples/Business Depot at 9 am this morning. I was able to buy a wireless router for 20$ and some filing cabinet space crates in yellow which I put computer books into. I also yesterday put computer parts and computer cables in to my storage containers and now have a ever so slightly neater office.

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December 25, 2004

Cleaned up the papers around where the old couch was.

To clean up the debri on the floor where our couch had been, I sorted papers into piles. The main pile was none personal items that could be recycled. The second pile was papers and other debri that needed to be thrown in the garbage. The third pile was school work and other written stuff that goes in one of the big storage containers in my office. Another pile collected union and grad school stuff but I have no place to put this pile yet. Another pile collected stuff I need to read soon. Another pile rather the top of cardboard box collected city hall stuff and stuff related to my volunteering in self help. Then I used another cardboard box to collect cassette tapes and CD's and stereo cables. Now that floor space is clear and needs to be vacumed.

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Scored C+ in numerical analysis.

While it is probably not a high enough mark to impress people in graduate math school my C+ in numerical analysis was better than I thought I might do and I am happy with it. I must have written a fairly good exam because going into the final I had only had about C+ going into the final. So my exam was a C too and I was not able to answer all questions. I did stay for the whole exam though.

It was an interesting morning the morning of my numerical exam. I bumped into E just before the exam who also has schizophrenia and is also a university worker and Apple computer user. E and I have talked together many times this past term when we were on smoke breaks.

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas. Santa got me some large storage containers. I put my computer cables and computer parts in them and I now have a slightly neater office.

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December 24, 2004

Christmas presents for those of us with mental illness

I got the chocolate for the neighbours. I wrapped them yesterday and my wife delivered them. The first aid kits arrived for J and C. Also I picked up the emergency solar flash lights for them. I feel these are good useful emergency items that everyone should have so I am giving them away as gifts. I am also giving J a TV and a computer. I am getting myself an old Power Mac 7100/66 with Mac OS 8.6 for about 25$ to work with the Apple 15AV monitor. I also got myself a Palm Tungsten W cell phone organiser but may not be able to use the cell phone function with our local wireless providers. Today my wife is buying me a memory card that will work with this palm. I plan to put mp3's from the iTunes store on this card for playing on the palm W. I got her some opera CD's and a DVD/VHS player. Our family helped us pay for all this stuff because even though I work we are poor and we live on a government disability allowance. I also report all my earnings and gifts. Which reminds me I need to report income for the past 30 days.

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I got the Christmas newspaper delivered

I just finished delivering the Christmas newspaper. It was very heavy I am noticing back pain and stress these days carrying a heavy load of newspapers in a carriers bag.

I have holidays now from my teaching assistant work. Also I am basically off for the holidays this year in security. I did promise to do some web mastering or web design for the self help network and they have already paid me. In fact I am about to do an hours worth of that work renewing thier domain name for a couple for years. They paid 40$ for the domain name renewal I will see if I can get us five years with that money or whether that will at least pay for two years.

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December 23, 2004

I worked a little on my law paper and checked out next terms courses

I spent a good five hours researching my law paper. I read a few journals articles old and new. I am finding a lot of common ground between computer crime researchers. I guess my goal of learning as much as I can about computer crime or rather coming to know this crime well is happening and that was one goal for this course. I better let my dad know that because he wants to know what my goals are with all this studying. This at least is one goal amongst the hundereds that make up my life.

I looked at the price of textbooks for next term courses. I also read the outline for the medical issues in criminal law course. The main topic of this course is criminal law and psychiatry. Well, well, now here's a course that would be useful and that I might do very well with given my first hand knowledge of the topic of psychiatry.

I did just get off the phone with my dad and he seemed pleased with what I told him. He asked about how much space we had for our Christmas tree and I said we had space. That makes the entire past nuclear family of mine who have commented on our apartment in the past two weeks. If you can relate this to communication patterns in the schizophrenics family then you have some proof that there is more to schizophrenia than biochemical imbalance. While the biochemistry view is true and all and I hold it in great esteem there is much more going on. Even psychiatry is no longer really about dreams and the subconscious but is about coaching people in daily living.

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December 22, 2004

R and I talking Christmas shopping

In trying to be normal Christmas is one of those events. R has been out shopping. I mailed our presents out. I also paid for my Christmas present to myself. I upgraded my palm. I have been trying to get J to pick up his computer but he is almost homeless so has no vehicle to pick up the computer. I am also giving him our third TV. That TV is over 13 years old. I emailed a greeting( a web card with a schizophrenia message I wrote) to all the school professors I have had in the past while. An old hospital friend called about coming over for Christmas. I called him back to arrange it but he was going to sleep. He is highly emotional and neurotic.

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December 21, 2004

Working night shift tonight

I slept at 5:30 this morning. I woke up at 3 PM. My wife was hurting so had a hot bath. I cleaned the bath tub. She made me a lunch for work.

I confirmed my schedule for victim's assistance volunteering for the holidays. I am looking forward to volunteering on New Year's day at midnight to 8 am.

I can't make much of an entry at the moment as I am off to work. I will probably get there almost an hour early. Well hope everyone here has a good holidays. We only need to buy chocolate still for our neighbours. I threw out the couch. I still need to clean up more loose papers that are on our floor.

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December 20, 2004

I got the last of the Fall term grading done.

In terms of working both of my main jobs are fine. I got another good work report on a security shift just past. I am working a night shift tomorrow night. I have been teaching security and safety to friends and we will give away some first aid kits for presents this year. They were ordered on line but may not arrive in time. Also my studies in criminal law continue as does my volunteering in victims support.

I completed my marking for the fall term. I now have to apply again for this work in the winter. At this work too I am respected and well liked and do a good job. I may try to improve my work position there with a SAS certification and one statistics course this winter term for myself to study.

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Got an A on my term paper on addictions treatment.

I got an A on my term paper. I got it back from my professor today and she was sure that I have graduate student talent in legal studies. This is good news and fits one of my plans for my future. This also improves my self esteem for writing and command of English. But the professor also warned me that my writing must be perfect in graduate school. She also suggested she might be able to supervise graduate student studies in mental illness and the criminal law.

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R is over to help me move our third couch.

Well the beautiful garbage picked couch is going out. I invited R over to help me move it out. W another tenant who I have been neighbours with since the late 1980's will let me know later tonight if his daughter will take the couch. But we will place it in the garbage room in the next few hours. W can pick it up in the garbage room.

We ate dinner. I made vegetarian hamburgers and brocoli. I am just relaxing now chatting with R about our daughter.

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I have had too much coffee and my awake hours are too long

Again I got ahead in my days so decided to go really ahead. Now I am wired on coffee. I am just about completed my final marking tasks for the term but will leave it until the morning. I will be able to pick up my term paper from my drug law course tomorrow. I also said I would have the marking done and the assignments handed back at noon. I did this sleep shift so I can work my night shift on Tuesday night. I am about to take 6 mg of ripseradol and maybe some more vitamins and then sleep finally for 8 hours.

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December 19, 2004

Got a free 16" mac colour Monitor

Someone gave me an Apple 16" monitor. I had to pick it up on the bus in negative 15 degree weather. It works fine. I am tempted to reward myself for another school term completed by buying myself a Christmas present. We have presents for everyone now except the neighbours who we are buying chocolate.

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I had a look at a media history web site

I had a look at a projection of the media's future at I have been studying the Internet now for ten years. I had read about Usenet in the late 1980's but it was not until 1994 that I had access to Usenet and email. This is when I began to study the Internet regularly. I have completed two university courses looking at the Internet and law. I have also completed a course in the sociology of science and technology.

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My mother and brother both phoned about the mess here

My brother rarely calls me but he called this afternoon to re-enforce my mother's complaints about our messy apartment. I asked him to consider how I feel being put down by his sarcastic banter.

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There are always good things for sale at ebay

I read some East Indian newspapers on-line. I completed some marking. I also wrote some more of my mini paper. I installed Claris works on the Quadra 660AV. I may have found another monitor too so that I can keep the Mac 15AV for myself. I would need another Mac computer as my other Quadra the 800 is not working and I should give it away. There are some Macs for sale in Canada on including a G3 server. There are also some Apple Think Different posters available and tons of other Mac memorobilia. I need to control my shopping impulses.

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December 18, 2004

I got a beautiful old Mac 15AV monitor for J's computer.

I am getting some flack about our messy apartment. I have too much stuff. This is similar too at least two other consumer survivors in my life. I was able to find an excellent condition Mac 15AV monitor for the Quadra 660AV. The monitor has all its original parts. I set it up in my office so I can add Claris works. I should really try to install MacOS 8.1 too so that J can use the high speed Internet. Yes not a bad present for J for Christmas. I want to keep this for myself but I need more space. I will have to throw out a couch for more space because my mom and wife are encouraging me to throw it out. I will take one action to get rid of the couch right now. I will print a sign offering the couch free to another tenant in our building.

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Did ok with my exam.

I did an ok job with my exam. Not a great job but I passed the exam too which means I should have a C or better in the course on numerical analysis. I am now more free to read what I want. I have a mini paper to complete but will do that tonight too and on Monday. The mini paper is due the first week of January.

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Volunteering stuff

I am volunteering tonight. This will be over night volunteering.

I have some papers to grade for my teaching assistant work. I will start those in a few hours and finish them by Sunday morning.

I am working a night shift on Tuesday. Things are quieting down now with school done.

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December 17, 2004

I slept at 1 PM and woke up at 7 PM

I forced my self awake at 7 pm. My mom dropped by some Christmas cakes. Our friends came over although R was tired and did not make it over. We just talked and listened to the the iTunes store. We bought R.E.M.'s South Central Rain tune. I am not really keen to have an mp3 player but it is getting cheaper to have one and now we can use iTunes in Canada. My dad enjoys having an iPod music player.

We are just waiting for some KFC we ordered. The girls are just talking about dreams. A few people here take Zyprixa(sp?). I am glad most of my school work is done. I am up all night again for helping with the newspapers, then in the morning I am taking delivery of an old Apple computer monitor. The old Macintosh arrived so with this monitor J will have a working computer.

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Up 24 hours at beginning of exam.

This morning is my last exam for the term. I have been up since 8:30 am yesterday and my exam is at 9 am this morning. I did get about one hour lying down and closing my eyes. I stayed up to learn. I rarely do well with all nighters. But sometimes all nighters work well too. It has to do with budgetting one's time appropriately. It might work out this morning. I will know later at the beginning of January when I get my grade for this course. Oh well I am out the door in a moment for the exam with maybe half an hour more study in the library with a coffee and danish.

My brother suggests I do study Data Warehousing this winter and take my time with the law BA. I did manage to get a seat in the medical issues in criminal law course again. But I am thinking my brother is right that just one law and one statistics course would be the most enjoyable and easy paced for the winter term.

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December 16, 2004

R learned to cook vegetarian shepard's pie

Our friend R wanted to learn more cooking and has been asking to get some help making vegetarian shepards pie. Today after he helped us get our tree, my wife asked him to stay for supper. They then worked together to make the vegetarian shepards pie. I was able to make some review notes for some of my math course at least the first topic and the second topic. I have four more topics to review and a little more of the second to complete.

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Got our Christmas tree

I got our tree with R helping me bring it home from our near by farmer's market. We got it up and the cat had her sniff and chew. I will let it settle in a bit before putting the decorations on it. In fact, I may have a decorating party tomorrow night when our friends come over.

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Still doing Christmas shopping and becoming broke

I guess we really shouldn't buy things at Christmas. My wife did ask for a DVD player. It is nice that she is looking after her own wants a bit more. We have gifts for J and C and something for R. My normy friends suggested I not buy them things this year and they are ok with that but they bought us something. I shared a fruit cake with them yesterday. I also am buying J a computer even if it is a ten year old computer set up. I am just arranging buying the monitor this week. I should be studying my numerical analysis. Oh well my legal studies are going fine. I may be studying SAS in the next few months. The school pays for our SAS installs. I might have to go to the mall today or tomorrow. I also have to pick up a pay cheque today.

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Probably spending Christmas at home

We don't plan to travel for the holidays. We do plan to have C,J, and couple of others over for turkey. We will phone family instead.

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December 15, 2004

Shopping won the battle

I went shopping instead of studying. I got some fruit cake for union staffers. I got some kitchen stuff my wife had been asking for. I got a city map in a small book. I got a compact flash card for my camera. I also got the usual daily stuff like smokes. I played my fantasy role playing game with normals. I came home and am going to sleep now. My sleep is slightly off schedule for my exam on Friday morning. I feel weary as I usually do when I come home from Dunegons and Dragons.

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Shopping v studying

I am trying to study for my numerical analysis exam this Friday but not having much luck. I am keen to go shopping for some more presents. These competing tasks are weighting on me today. Also we hope to buy our Christmas tree in the next hour or two. My wife is getting her hair cut too.

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December 14, 2004

I made it to my board meeting today.

I made it to my board meeting today. I got in a lively discussion with an arts student about web art and tricks. The art student was also on our board but resigned today to go to school in another city. I was functioning well at the board meeting. We scheduled meetings for January. I am fairly tired and drinking my last coffee's of the day.

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December 13, 2004

Bought some Christmas presents for kids

I went to school and got some Christmas cake for union staff. I also bought some kids books at the school bookstore. I then picked up some prints at a department store that we ordered over the Internet. It was better than printing on our home computers. I studied today and asked a professor to clarify some math stuff for me. I am going to be studying over night tonight. I slept at 3:30 PM and woke up at 11:00 PM.

We are poor so our family tell us not to buy them stuff at Christmas. So basically we just bought kids stuff.

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December 12, 2004

Just watching King Kong

My wife bought her first DVD. She bought King Kong with Jessica Lange and Jeff Bridges. We are watching it tonight. My dad told me King Kong (the original) was the first movie he saw in a theatre in Tallinn. We are also ordering some vegteables from a Chinese food resturant delivery service. I am just relaxing after sleeping after my work. Then later tonight I am studying numerical analysis. I also just joined a new email list for studies in the Internet.

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December 11, 2004

I managed to get 4 hours sleep

Even though I was up to 12 noon on Friday and then slept 11 hours so was well rested this morning, I managed to get 4 hours sleep from 9 am to 1 PM today. I am working a night shift tonight. Then Sunday morning we will go to a local mall and buy Christmas presents. Then I will sleep about 24 hours from now and wake up about midnight Sunday night.

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I am ok exploding a little

The trick with anger is to let it out constructively. I was able to do that being a little assertive with the paper delivery guy in our building. He wants to pit his helpers against each other as all bosses try to do. I simply told him I did not want to hear about the other helper. I also did not help him with as much as I usually do. He paid me my usual cash anyways. So rather than explode at anyone innocent yesterday I let my anger out as firmness about my workers rights, and feel fine this morning.

I got a good work report from my security work for my last shift a few weeks ago. I am working at this job later tonight on the Saturday night shift. I also was told by my supervisor in one statistics course I was a TA for that I am a great TA and she hopes to have me again next term. I think this goes to show the power of communicating the nuts and bolts of the teaching process to my supervisor and the students too benefit from clear communications. The Internet helps me learn and practice communications.

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December 10, 2004

Paranoid about mistakes and uncertainty

The professor made a mistake on the marking scheme so now I had to go back over the papers and correct my marking. This made them slightly more messy. I wonder if she had done this to catch us or whether she honestly made a mistake. Even though I know her answer is wrong and most students had the right answer, I still needed in past cases like to this to be actually told by the professor that they had made a mistake. So this is a lesson in uncertainty rather than trying to catch us up on a mistake and the paranoia that that involves. One more hours' work and I should be done this marking my last major teaching assistant work for the term.

I am really frazzeled and have been up about 20 hours now and won't sleep for another 4 hours. My sleep is off slightly for tomorrow's night shift and I am likley to explode as well as being tired.

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Union meeting done and now I am up late marking

I am up late because I am working a night shift on Saturday night. But with this quiet time at home I am grading assignments. This is the home stretch as I have only three questions left to grade. The deadline is noon today.

We had an informal union meeting last night. I paid our union dues. I talked with a new member and we drank some coffee and smoked a couple of cigarettes. We talked about computers and buying things cheaply.

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December 09, 2004

My wife got our Christmas cards ready

My wife has filled out some of our Christmas cards now. Next week we will get some presents for the kids. I have already gotten some lego for my nephew and niece. We still have to buy a couple of presents for kids.

We have been cleaning up a little more regularly now. We will also buy our Christmas tree next week. I may put up a string of lights around our window tonight.

My wife went out to her therapy group and made pine cone decorations and raindeer candy canes. We missed our self help group party. We still don't know what we are buying each other for x-mas. Although I have asked my wife for a storage container for all my papers. Many of my friends and I are not buying each other presents this year.

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Buying friends X-mas gifts

I am buying J and C each a solar power flash light for X-mas. I am kind of keen on emergency preparedness. This goes along well with my security work.

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Vitamins keeping me feeling good

I am taking my regular 3 grams of C and Niacin each day and these help me feel good. I don't drink or smoke marijauna and the only street drugs I take are coffee and cigarettes.

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December 08, 2004

I hope to do some marking today.

I have finished all my duties as a teaching assistant for one course. I completed this work on Monday. I have about 40 assignments to mark for another course. I want to have this done by Friday.

In my security guard work I have four overnight shifts booked for December and early January. These are mostly weekend shifts.

I have a union meeting tomorrow night and again with another union on Friday for a bit of a party. I should be getting a hiring decision at this meeting on Friday where I will be hired as web master for our local. I have the files for this web work but need the executive to actually decide to hire me. We may have a new collective agreement soon and we have voted to accept it. I volunteered on the voting both at the ballot box and counting the vote. I am the recording secretary for this union local.

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Volunteering in the union

In my volunteering in the IWW I manage the email lists for our branch. I just cleaned out 277 spam emails collected over the last three or so months.

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December 07, 2004

Just going to sleep after a studious day.

I have had a 20 hour day. There was a storm today. I was out in it. I did some shopping. I handed in my exam and my professor said I had written a good term paper. So another passed course if not a great mark too. My other appointment was cancelled due to the storm. I chated on the Internet for two hours. I did the recycling. I read a little about the world wide self help movement for substance abuse, some environmental law and some datamining. I will grade assignments tomorrow. I should be up at 8 am tomorrow.

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Exam just about done

I have been working all morning on my exam and I am almost done my exam for my drug law course. I just need to tidy it up a bit and do some more proof reading then print a final copy and take it to school. Another fourth year criminal law course completed, yahoo. I feel great but with the weather I feel like staying warm and not going out anywhere.

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Intense studies continue

I stayed up yesterday for a 27 hour day. We managed to do our appointments together in the cold weather. We saw our psychiatrist together my wife and I. I then slept at 19:00 until 4 am today.

I had worked on my exam until about 7 am yesterday, then completed grading the last assignment in one statistics course. I also bought printer ink so I can continue to print on our living room printer. I was able to win an auction for a Macintosh Quadra 660AV for J. He should be able to use this computer with a TV. There are still some equipment issues with him and the two of us are trying to go to a hoarding conference this week but I may not make it as I have a fair amount of grading still to do.

Today is the Psychiatric Survivors of Ottawa's( Christmas party but we may not make it as I have my exam to complete and also would like some time off at home today. I will though have to go to school today at least once. I renewed library books and took back my drug treatment policy books. This drug law course is almost over but I am continuing to read on self help groups but have taken most of the other criminology and medical books back to the library.

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December 06, 2004

Intense studies this weekend

I spent about 4 hours since waking up at 4 PM working on my exam maybe 6 hours. I have four pages written now and need about 2 more for the first question on my exam. It seems to be a good answer so far. I have another question to answer for a total of two questions on this exam. I will start the second question later today. I will sleep first though.

I was also able to set up a search strategy for finding old computer crime cases and they don't really start until the 1990's although there is at least one case pre-1990. I spent about one hour downloading the cases and briefly reading them. I need to brief these cases before adding them to my mini paper. So I have spent about 8 hours at the computer now for about 11 hours awake. I will try now to sleep but first I will complete marking one courses assignments. I need to take some books back to the library today but should sleep now.

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December 05, 2004

Cleaning up and doing cooking

I have been cleaning little bits of our apartmet regularly. I managed to clean the toilet tonight. I also cleaned the dishes just now. We have thrown out the old stereo cabinet and old TV table a couple of weeks ago. Other tenants took these furniture items. So they were reused and thus the landfill was not burdened. We have one more couch to throw out. We are also looking for a new bed.

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Take home exam still going well

I have not been procrastinating all that much this evening. I have about two well written pages for my take home exam now. I need about another 10 pages now. I also have been printing out my exam answers and checking the libraries for footnotes. As well as this I have been reading my notes for the course and we are allowed to use seminar notes in our answers. I am feeling great because I have been getting this school work done. I even got a positive reply from my math teacher but although it was not negative about me it was negative about something else. "Something smells rotten in Denmark".

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Sure I am smoking a lot but getting school work done.

I got started on my take home exam and it is going well. I also put in a lot of time today/tonight doing legal research for my mini paper on US and Canadian laws concerning computer crime. I pulled some famous cases from the US side of the border. I also did a little research into emergency medicine at I learned to do a Mini Mental status exam a few weeks ago from Petit, Jorge R. Handbook of Emergency Psychiatry (Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2004). I have been borrowing this book for about three weeks now.

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December 04, 2004

Didn't study enough today

I did manage to get the one statistics course assignments almost completely marked by today. I should be able to get those back to the professor by Monday with only half an hours more work. I still have about 6 hours of marking maybe 8 on another statistics course's assignment to do though.

In my own studies I have a take home exam I have barely started. I am getting worried about this. I need to get this done this weekend. Oh well I am up now from 6 pm although I did not make today's hourly study budget I have about 12 hours now to study.

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Union duties and still carrying the papers on Saturday morning Friday night.

Well my friends dropped by again on Friday. We had an end of term cake. We also ordered pizza. We talked about depression and my wife did some impressive talking about group converations and focusing on an issue in a group conversation. I was out in the afternoon running a union vote. I then helped count the votes where my superiour statistics skills helped out. I spent about an hour after my friends left studying. I am now just about to insert and then deliver Saturday's paper. We also make the papers sort of water tight. There is snow on the ground for the first Saturday of snowy weather. I have two security shifts at least in December maybe more. I still have some grading to do. I plan about four hours today after I wake up in the afternoon. I also have about 7 hours more studying to do. I am feeling kind of tired and will sleep after the newspapers.

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December 03, 2004

Last class of the term

I have a lab today in numerical analysis and then I am done with classes for the fall term. I have a take home exam to work on and today's lab. I also have some writing and research to do for my honours paper. I will also do some volunteering at the union voting table today. We will order pizza tonight to celebrate the end of term. Our friends should come over tonight.

I wrote my exam in victims services last night and think I passed. This is interesting work and getting me more involved in law enforcement. I also maybe able to attend a conference on hording this coming week by volunteering at the conference.

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December 02, 2004

Got to my class, got Christmas break homework to do, got an exam to write tonight.

Yes, my sleep planning was successful; I made it to my class this morning. I also got the RK4 and RK2 done in MATHLAB and just need to do the Backward Euler method now. I also have two hand written questions still to do in this final assignment. I am scoring about 70% right now in this course.

I also early this morning wrote a case brief for my computer crime paper. I will be writing more of this paper over the holidays. I saw my supervisor today for this paper and might see him next week or the week after then he is on holidays with his kids.

I also had an hour with a business leader today as part of the International Day of the Disabled, December 3rd, celebrations for this week. We talked about our lives and our studies. She is a director of a government office and I was on TV.

I am writing an exam in victims support tonight and I start volunteering soon. This is under the Attorney Generals Office of Ontario. I am going to this exam right after I give a lab later on this afternoon. I have studied a little for this exam but not a great deal.

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December 01, 2004

Up early in the morning

I am up early today. I got my drug law paper handed in on time. I have to do a case brief this morning. I also have to study numerical analysis and have one more class tomorrow. We ended on the topic of numerical methods to solve Ordinary Differential Equations's. I read a little deeper on this topic. I got my take home exam for my drug law course and was just printing out thre references we are allowed to use in a list and week by week on a seperate piece of paper for each week. I will make notes on these sheets.

I am just doing back ups right now in hard copy of my blogs. I am also just about to burn a back up CD for my files on my laptop computer. I used a USB memory key yesterday to take my drug law paper to the library and use computers there to add a few more footnotes from a library book and then print on a laser printer for my final copy that I handed it. Run on sentence? Yes I have schizpophrenia and that means racing thoughts.

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