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September 30, 2006

I chose not to work overtime today.

Instead of working overtime today I stayed home and slept. I am well rested and woke up at 4 PM after sleeping at 7 AM. So I got a good nine hours of sleep. I got The Matrix movie for my PSP and some Beastie Boys music when I went out shopping. I watched a little of The World After Tomorrow on my PSP while riding the public transit home. I did some food shopping and bought cheese and crackers. I shared via email a little work shop talk with a former professor and supervisor from the statistics school. I did not break my confidentiality when discussing this. My wife is watching The Deer Hunter in bedroom. I am set up in my office now with this desktop eMac computer. I almost bought a high definition TV this evening but will wait for that.

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September 29, 2006

I worked my ninth week and might work some overtime tomorrow.

I got in from work about an hour ago. I have been juggling money as we did, in fact, not receive our disAbility cheque this month and must pay all bills including rent with wages. I asked our landlord to hold off on cashing our rent cheque until our pay day which they agreed to do. We should make it through but things are tight right now. I hope I don't borrow to feel good about being poor. Even with my full time work we are not all that much better off. I did get my application in for a high level job but I am not sure when I will hear back about that.

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September 28, 2006

I did even more throwing out stuff.

I did some computer cable clean up in the office. I also cleared off the living room floor. I also got yesterday's mail into one pile in front of the computer. I do believe most of the past days worth of newspapers have been recycled now. My wife did some recycling and also continues to make daily trips to the local stores. She is weighting almost 200 pounds now down from 285 pounds.

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I managed 6 days of not borrowing money.

The problem with our present consumer lifestyle is that we have too much debit. I am not alone in owing too much money to credit cards and banks. I managed for the last six days to not borrow any money. It is because I have a better job now that I could do this. This will in fact be the first month next month that we do not have a goverment cheque to pay rent. It will be the first time in twenty years that I will not receive a government cheque for disAbility income support. It was as simple as being hired for a job that paid a decent wage. The moment is as complex as recovery from schizophrenia.

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September 27, 2006

I just did five minutes of decluttering.

Following Sue Kay's tip I did five minutes of decluttering. I threw out some wood I was saving for projects. I threw out some old minutes from a city committee that I used to belong too. I threw out some old schizophrenia society newsletters. I put a piece of wood back in a CD tower. I am decluttering successfully. I also threw out an old coffee mug that was chipped. I had some negative feeling about this mug because of the person who had given it to me is no longer part of my life.

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I did manage to sell my old server yesterday.

I managed to sell my old server computer yesterday. This brought us 20$ to buy pop and a lunch today for my partner. I did not manage to sell the computer case though.

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Work went well yesterday. I am working three more days this week.

Once I got going yesterday at work I did a great job again. I have today, Thursday and Friday still to work this week. I got in early yesterday and will come in early today too. I need to prepare a CV today. I started my cover letter but need to complete it. This is for a different job at the same workplace. This job pays more. We are slowly getting off of disAbility income support. My new job wil cover 80% of our medications cost. Our medications are estimated by the pharmacist to cost 600$ per month approximatley.

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I did not manage to attend my French class today.

I have now missed three French classes. I am finding the long days difficult. I phoned the French teacher to see what can be done about this.

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September 26, 2006

My school work is now done.

I did not read any school books overnight besides my textbook to help me do the school work. I will now relax a bit and read some more weighty tomes. I might also browse the school library on-line and then borrow some books today. It is downhill now to class and the only real battle remaining today is getting through a work day late in my awake time. After today the rest of the week should be fine except may be on Friday when I have French class and work with only a half hour break between. But I have no volunteering this coming weekend and will only have more school work to do this coming weekend. My home work for this week is done. I will just print a final copy in abut half an hour and then get ready to leave for class by bus. The bus should be uncrowded because I will be traveling slightly after 9:00 AM.

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Just chatted with a neighbour as I threw out one armchair.

I have been reading the newspaper. I just finished reading the local news. The local news is important for mental health because social issues are local issues, even if we need to think of these issues in a global context. The local major psychiatric hospital is fund raising for new buildings. The new building opens in about one month and then next year a youth wing will open. Also the local news includes election news for the city as elections are held in November this year for all cities in our province. Also the Chief of police is stepping down and there was a news item about how the police board of directors has hired a consulting company to hire a new chief.

I took one armchair out just before posting this and bumped into a neighbour from our floor going out for morning bike ride. I am now back upstairs and relaxing a bit before school.

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I am throwing out two armchairs this morning.

At 5:00 AM after my school work is done I am throwing out two armchairs. I will just put them outside of our apartment building and see if someone picks them up. Both were free. One was given to us years ago by a family member and the other came from beside the building originally.

It also looks like people in the city are interested in buying my old computer parts I put up for sale this morning. I have an email of interest for both items already.

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I solved another two problems in my school work.

Two more problems have now been solved for this week's school work. This leaves one problem left to solve. These past two problems were also simple. In fact, this second assignment has been easier and less trouble than the first assignment. I will complete the last problem in the next hour and a half. This last problem is almost exactly the same as the second last problem. The notation is just slightly more general and there is one more variable in the problem.

I then have class this morning at 10:00 AM. I will hand in the school work at class. I might do some shopping downtown after class then come home and get ready for work.

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I am trying to sell off some older computers and parts.

I posted a usenet add for my old computer parts. We have a used computer for sale add group on Usenet in our city. I have often bought things through this newsgroup. I have also sold a few items this way. It is very, very hard to make a sale on this newsgroup. But I posted an old computer for sale and some parts for only 20$ each. I need to clean up my office more now that I am working in there.

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September 25, 2006

Long days not working out well these days.

I made it to my French class alright. But near the end of class I was tired and yawning. I had hoped to stay up just 6 more hours but needed to sleep. I slept at 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM. I slept through my self help board of directors meeting. I am now up and wide awake. But I need to work Tuesday until 11 PM. This is all messed up. I do now have time to do my school work over night. But I will may be, become too tired to continue to class Tuesday morning and then also work 8 hours on Tuesday. I am happy to have made it to French class though and to have some time now to complete my school work. The problem was I did not get enough rest on the weekend because of my volunteer duties. I need to cut some volunteering out of my life. I must decide what will go...politics, self help, or law enforcement volunteering? I will think about this a little. I am fairly sure I will not book a day off work again in October for volunteering. I will book a day off but it will be for a test at school.

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I did my French school work from last weekend just now.

I did not attempt my French school work until just now. It was due last Monday. I really must be more serious with my French school work. Many upper level jobs in the government require that I be bilingual.

I am shutting down my laptop and preparing to go to French class now. I have had the laptop on for at least the past ten hours. I need to shave and get ready for class now.

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I solved another problem and have three left to solve.

I have solved another problem in my school work. Again this was a gambling problem. I have three more problems to solve and need to get these solved today. I have been up since 11:00 PM last night. I have French class this morning and then a self help group board of directors meeting later today.

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I solved another two problems in my school work.

I solved and type set another two problems in my school work. I also read the remaining four problems and know that I can solve them and that these are reasonable problems and not that difficult. I might even say the remaining problems are simple. But the professor warned us that if a problem seems simple then it probably is simple.

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September 24, 2006

Pressures to get things done at home are less these days.

I was self conscious of the pressures I am under in my volunteering this weekend. But that was looked after on Saturday and today it will happen again. I am thinking of human relations both in volunteering and in working.

I am actually not having to work as much unstructured time anymore and this is good as you might know for someone with schizphrenia. I have fewer at home tasks than I did earlier this summer. I used to have to mark student's homework at home and this was a big pressure. I had to plan the time I would do this marking. But now all my work is at my workplace and it is limited to 8 hours a day. The only real tasks I have at home this weekend are some school work, some web work, and cleaning up. But of course I need to also prepare an application, resume and cover letter for a new position at work. I did review the job posting and the actual application form I began to fill out at work on Friday and I left it in my cubicle. I seem for the most part to be able to leave work at my physcial workplace.

Speaking of cleaning up... my mom who is always trying to improve me, said, that I must do good work in the working world. but don't seem to care for my home life much. The new book on decluttering gives me some psychological insights into what is going on here with my parents and our mess.

I have spent the last 12 hours on-line writing blogs, web window shopping for a a HDTV projector screen, and reading books and newspapers. I started my thesis writing a bit more this morning after reading some of the early systems theorists. I also did some private journal writing. I am going to do some furniture shopping in a catalog and more reading of Sue Kay's book now.

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I have taken 2 grams of C and niacin so far today.

I am about to take 1 more gram of vitamin C and 1 gram of niacin. I have taken 2 grams of each so far today. I am trying to stay up until about 7:00 PM or 8:00 PM this evening. This will be about a 27 or 28 hour day. Yesterday was a 23 hour day.

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September 23, 2006

I napped at 10:00 to about 16:00 today.

I got some much needed rest today. I love waking up in the evening with my wife. We cooked some super together. I just got off the phone with my brother. I did the accounts about a half hour ago. I watched the TV news and will now read the newspaper. I have not spent debit in about 4 days now.

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I made some amazng progress yesterday and today.

Picking up where my mother left off I bought a self help book on decluttering. The book is Kay, Sue No More Clutter: How To Clear Your Space and Free Your Life (London: Hodder & Stroughton, 2005). I cleaned out all the pizza menus from out take out menu drawer. I left a few. I also cleaned out old take out food codiments that were in the drawer. Yes, there were bugs there. I also put my work bags away. I broke up and flattened the boxes our groceries came in. I fed the cat. I cleared off the office couch and now need to pick up after that.

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Two things I did not buy yesterday.

I did not spend with my credit card yesterday. This is following my own advice I gave to R. I did not order more books and movies from Amazon. I also did not buy a portable printer yesterday. I also got a new credit card and did not immediately go to the store and use it. Today is another day in this debit recovery mind game.

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Today I took a sick day at work.

My work place allows about two days sick leave per month. I have worked about a month and a half now so had more than two sick days credit. I took one of these days yesterday. I did wake up on time for my web master working appointment and got paid for the work to date. This paid for a large amount of groceries that my wife went and bought. I then rested and went into work early. I did not feel well at work and still feel a little under the weather some 12 hours later. At work I worked my extra half hour to make up for leaving early on Wednesday evening and then booked a sick day off for the rest of the day.

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I moved my eMac into my office.

One of the reasons I bought laptop computers was to have a way of computing in the living room of our apartment. I had moved my older eMac out to the living room. Then last December when I got a new eMac I put it in the living room. Now that I have a decent laptop, in fact, two good laptops I am putting the eMac desktop computer into the office. In fact, I just did this and it is set up and running in there now. I am slowly reclaiming the office. My mother again took a pile of paper out of the office and one can now really see the floor. I can now move around in the office with less of a hazard of tripping or falling.

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September 21, 2006

My working is again improving.

I did manage to come in early to work today. So I worked an extra half hour. I won't say more about work here. I seem to be well respected at work. Many people are saying I should move up from this position to a higher position. In a higher position I would probably have to work a day shift. I need to stay on a night shift until my course is completed at the end of November. That means I have to work the night shift for two more months then take a day shift. I dread early morning for weeks on end. What am I to do? I do have some applications to complete and will spend a little time now preparing some application papers.

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A psychologist employs me to do web mastering,

The peer support project is run by a clinical psychologist who worked with me in group therapy in the early 1990's. He is my boss officially in this new job as web master for the peer support project. As a web master I can now call him a client. I am meeting my "client" this Friday at the trendy coffee shop to go over the web site details.

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September 20, 2006

My wife's publisher has himself a job driving a truck now.

My wife has her books published by another union person. He recently started working as a driver for a trendy coffee shop. I had helped him with his last two computer purchases first by selling him one of my computers from my super computer cluster and second this summer I bought a Powerbook for him on ebay and he is paying me back for it. He wants to try out the Mac computer. We got him a Lombard Powerbook computer. Another radical bought the iBook I bought on ebay. She mostly writes press releases as emails that I know of.

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R just called and we chatted a bit.

R just called me. He went to a baseball game in another city. He and two other friends saved up their money and rented a car and then drove themselves there. We chatted computers a little.

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I left work an hour early tonight.

I left work an hour early tonight so I can make it to my class in the morning but may stay up a bit and miss my class. Last week was perfect for atttendance but I was stressed and did not work as well at work. I am working better yesterday and today was very good again. I will have to come in a half hour early for two days or maybe an hour early tomorrow to make up for leaving early tonight.

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I missed my French class twice this week.

On Monday morning I was up late into the morning working on my school work. So I missed my French class because I was sleeping. I let the teacher know I would miss the class. But today I simply slept in and did not email the teacher. I was expecting to wake up this morning. I may miss my probability class tomorrow as well.

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September 19, 2006

I did in fact hand in my school work two days early as planned.

I did wake up on time for my course. I was a little rushed this morning but did get to class on time and participated in the lecture on conditional probabilites. So my school work is now being graded.

After class I went to the library and searched out some books on systems theory and borrowed about 8 books. I happened at random to see the book The Dilbert Principle on a library table and borrowed this book as well. I started to read two of the systems theory books, both before work and a little after work.

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I got my school work proof read and the assignment is ready to hand in this morning.

I completed proof reading my school work just an hour or two ago. I now have a perfect printed copy ready to hand in this morning at class. I need to wake up at 8:00 AM this morning. I will set the alarm and try to make it to class on time. I now need to start working on the second assignment,

This course is the same course I studied in my very first year post schizophrenia diagnosis. I failed the course way back in 1981. Of course, it was at a different school but the material is the same. I sort of feel this was the beginning of my time management as someone with schizophrenia. To manage a school class schedule became something I would do almost all the time since then. I have come a long way since then. This course and its association with my first year as someone wth schizophrenia, as an identity, had an affect on me, because I seemed to become a statistician that year and accept that role within the professions. It is only this past two months that this has become an actual full time job. May be all this other time I was deluded about being a statistician.

I am just waiting for my advance consumer preview copy of Windows Vista to download fully then I will sleep. Last night R came over and we downloaded him a copy of this operating system and I burned the disk today.

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September 18, 2006

I did a fairly good job at work today and got some advice about moving up in my workplace.

I went in early to work. I will try this again tomorrow. I am working on a job application for a job at a higher level than I am at now. I have also been short listed for a programmer analyst job with another ministry. So things are looking up in the job market. One of my supervisors gave me some advise on how to write my cover letter before work today. I did alright with work and got set up for my phone and voice mail today.

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My statistics school work is done, but I will miss my French class today.

I did manage to complete my statistcs school work by solving the last problem this morning. It took a long time because I was lost on a few off chutes. I finally solved the last problem to my own statisfaction. I did more work than needed but this allowed me to make sure my solution was correct. At least I hope it is correct. I will proof read it later today when I get off work. I will rest before proof reading it the final time. I will hand it in on Tuesday two days early.

But this has meant that I have stayed up late into the morning and now will need to sleep through the time that I would have gone to French class. I can not wake up for French because my mind is fairly active still and I would only have four hours sleep and then need to work after French class. I need to be reasonablly well rested for work today. This will be my first missing hours at work my missing my French class today. I took my risperadol at 1 am but just now took an extra 3 mg on top of the 6 mg I took at 1 AM.

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September 17, 2006

I just washed my wife's hair.

We are having another lazy day at home. My wife is watching TV and not drinking. I just washed her hair.

I have been surfing the Ikea store for office furniture choices. I also surfed the future shop web site looking at TV's which are on sale this week. This means I might buy a high definition TV this week. I also did some school work just now. I also called about 4 other people on disAbility support to see if they wanted to take our Ikea armchair as we want to get rid of it. In the process I invited C, J and R over to socialize tonight.

I have one more school work problem to complete now. I will do this today. I will also surf some of the hardware store web site today and look at this week's on sale tools. Last week I got some Makita drill bits and an extra circular saw blade.

I talked with my brother who is moving his family into a new house. I talked with my mom and dad yesterday.

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I stayed up all night to get to the vet early in the morning.

I stayed up Friday night afer work. I completed a school work problem on my laptop overnight. I then in the morning went to the vet and got our cat her shots. We also had her claws trimmed. We are to stop feeding our cat wet food so her teeth remain clean and bacteria free. Otherwise our cat is healthy and active. I took a taxi there and back. The second taxi had a gps mapping system the driver let me watch that showed the cab moving on a map of streets. It was very James Bond like. That is 1960's James Bond. Forty years in the making I guess. Talk about "time to market".

I attended a radical union meeting in the afternoon and was very talkative. We are planning some union workshops to teach union work to other members. The job market in my city is good right now. In fact, I have been short listed for a job that pays more than my present job and is in computer work in a different government ministry. I may not change jobs though at this point. My present job is just across the street from where we live and also my work v. school schedule seems to be good right now. I slept 15 hours last night after being awake for about 33 hours.

I attended all my classes this past week and did all my paid work. I recovered my work abilities a bit on Friday. I seem to be ok at this work I am being employed to do.

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September 15, 2006

I cleaned the cat litter, did some web site checking, set up the third TV, VCR and cable box, and cleaned up the office

I cleaned up a bit including the cat litter, the office, and some of the cupboards. We have little bugs now in the cupboards. I also printed out my school work and proof read it. I also fed the cat. I also recycled some paper from the office. I set up the old 20" Tube TV with a vcr and the old cable box. This set up works. I am hoping to buy high defintion TV next pay cheque but am also interested in buying new shelfs for my office. I am still trying to reclaim my office. Actually my next pay cheque will mostly go to rent money.

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I am not quite doing as good a job these past two days.

I seem to be slowing down my productivity the past two days at work. I stayed a few minutes late tonight. I like this work and am working again later today. In fact, I must attend French class and then go straight to my work with only a half hour break. Since I want to be to work early I will not actually have a full half hour break.

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September 14, 2006

I am up and ready to leave for class this morning

I did wake up at 6:00 AM. I took my meds last night soon after I got in from work. By about 1:00 AM I was tired and got right to sleep. I woke up to my alarm at 6:00 AM. I don't need to leave for class until about 7:30 AM. My class is at 8:30 AM. I will get out of class and then go downtown and buy printer paper. I will then have about 4 hours off of work or school. I will come home and relax. I may update the software on my Macbook in this time. Tommorrow I have French class.

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September 13, 2006

I got in from work about half an hour ago.

Things at work are still going well. I am maintaining the confidence of the workplace. I should be in this job until December at least.

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I woke up just on time for my French class.

I woke up at 10:00 AM and just had time for coffee which I had programmed to brew. I made it to class and was good today at pronouncing French. This is just a spoken French course. I am now just getting ready to go to work again, today.

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September 12, 2006

Work is going well too.

Just when school is going well also work is going well. I have become as good at my new task as some of the workers who have been there longer. I am also keeping up with the workers who joined this section at the same time as me. So work is good too. I have French class tomorrow in the later morning. Then I have an hour off before work again tomorrow. Last night I slept right away when I got home from work. I did make my class this morning alright. So my morning probability class might still be possible. I need to sleep at about 1:00 AM tonight. My French class tomorrow is only at 11:00 AM. Tomorrow night I need to again sleep as soon as I get home at 11:00 PM. My probability class will be 8:30 Thursday morning. I can may be arrange with my supervisor to leave work early on Wednesday evening so I can sleep in time for my course. I may be able to start an hour earlier for this to happen. I will see how things go on Thursday this week. Then I may make some arrangements with my supervisor.

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I am just going off to work now.

I managed today to attend class at 10:00 AM. I then picked up a parcel at the post office. Then I paid for our Good Food Box. I chatted a bit about the sociology of computers with the volunteer from that food program. I am now home just going to work for the day. May be I will be able to wake up Thursday morning for class too. Things are very good right now. My partner is out at an ACT team picnic. I just bought pop and other drinks and bread. Oh well it is off to work now.

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September 11, 2006

I solved one more problem in my school work but need to typeset it still.

I solved a sports statistics problem but need to typeset this solution still. I had hoped to have this school work done by tomorrow. But I may have almost no time further today to work on this.

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Headache like discomfort from risperadol.

Yesterday morning at about 7:00 AM I slept without taking my risperadol. I then took 3 MG at about 3:00 PM after waking up. I also took another 3 MG at about 8:00 PM. I then had a terrible headache until about 4:00 AM when I took a final 3 MG. This type of head pain happens when I miss taking my riseradol. It may be some sort of withdrawl symptom. I finally got to sleep again at 4:00 AM and woke up this morning at 8:00 AM. I am just getting ready to go to my French class.

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September 10, 2006

I managed to complete two problems in my school work assignment today.

I did solve two Q's today in my homework for school. I have now solved five problems and have only three left to solve and typeset.

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Blog writing is something I do everyday.

I write on this blog almost everyday. I also have other blogs where I write too. I have not written any fiction lately. I did get a royalty cheque for some fiction last week but it was for only 35 dollars or so and is for 25 authors.

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My wife and I are having a quiet Sunday at home. I was chatting at Yahoo.

I spent some time chatting at Yahoo. My wife washed her clothes and watched Star Trek movies on TV. I just did a little union emailing. I was also doing some reading this afternoon. I slept in the morning again. I did not take my pills before bed this morning but instead have taken my pills this afternoon, I am now going to do some school work and some blog writing.

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I did some more school work.

I did another problem from my probability assignment. I have five problems left to solve annd write up. So far I have done one problem a day. Since there are typically 8 problems a week I need to sometimes solve and write up two problems a day or use the time during weeks we do not have problems to solve.

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I would like to complete my school work today.

I may do less job searching than four hours and instead do some more probability problems and complete the homework today if possible.

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In less than half an hour I have now applied to be a mathematical statistician with the government.

I applied for a statisticians job now. This would increase my annual income by 1/3. The job would also pay for my graduate school in statistics. I might be able to complete a Ph.D in statistics after my masters in systems science. It is all about data and seeing patterns in data.

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I am going to do four hours of job searching now.

I am very happy with my present work. I like my present job. But the chances to move up in the same work place are there. There will be tests this fall for more advanced work and I need to start my professional credential process. I also need to look at other jobs out there. I will spend the next four hours working on these steps. I will do most of this job search work on my computer.

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I am up late studying as usual.

I read some recovery literature about an hour ago. I read about a hippy who found recovery. I read his story. He had six years clean and sober when he told his story. He may now have about 18 years if he stuck with it. The book was written in the middle 1990's. I had been meaning to buy this book for years now and finally did buy it. In fact, the last two marjiuana recovery stories I read in this book were stories by hippies.

I also read some more of a systems theory philosophy book. I have now completely read the first chapter carefully. I am also watching NASA TV on my computer over the internet. I also proof read some homework as I work through my first assignment not due for a week and a half. I have completed a quarter of the assignment now 2 Q's out of 8 Q's.

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September 09, 2006

I missed my volunteer meeting today.

I stayed up until about 7:00 AM then rested and slept through the time for the meeting this morning. It was to be a brunch meeting. I was supposed to record the minutes. Instead I slept.

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I bought a copy of Dreamweaver.

At the height of the web boom I ignored Dreamweaver. Now I use it. I bought an educational copy today for my web master work. The director of our school said at orientation "There is only so much you can do on the web". I wonder if it is wise to disagree.

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September 08, 2006

I started my homework for school this morning.

I worked out a problem in probability and typeset the solutions in LaTeX. I then printed it and will proof read this print out later today when I am awake again. I just took my last dose of vitamins for the day. I also took 6 mg of risperadol. I am going to sleep in the next hour.

I enjoyed the lecture yesterday. But I will have difficulty making it to lectures on Thursday mornings. I had planned for example to sleep last night at midnight as soon as I got home from work so I could attend more of the conference this morning. But instead I stayed up and will miss the conference. I can still do well with the course but not as well not attending the lectures. But I discovered from the textbook which I now have and the course outline that I already know all the material in this course. But because I almost failed a similarly titled course I am being required to repeat this learning. To do well with this course I will need to hand in assigments early though because the due dates are always Thursday mornings. I will also need to take the day off before the mid-term and the day of the final exam. I am really trying to do a lot which reminds me I need to check the email for the peer support project web site. I may wake up late today and not post an entry here again until after work or after midnight sometime Saturday morning. I think I won't sleep tonight and stay up into Saturday. I have a volunteer event in the morning Saturday. I haven't really prepared for this meeting Saturday but I still have time to prepare for it. I will really be good for nothing but reading books on Saturday afternoon. But Sunday is a day off for sure.

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September 07, 2006

Report on the pigeon structure

The netting is up again. I did a better job of sealing the balcony off now. I found one pigeon had hung herself on the previous netting. I am not sure now how to dispose of this dead pigeon. I will call my landlord for help.

I am just preparing to go to work. This will be my last post until after work today.

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Hardware store stuff.

Instead of buying the titanuium drill bits at 20$ I bought steel bits at 8$ because they were also on sale. I also looked at possible replacement cordless drills but none were on sale. I would like a Mikta drill because that is what we used at the National Theatre company. These are sometimes on sale so I will wait for that purchase. I bought two cheap CD's including a Monty Python recorded show. I also bought my partner some scotch tape. I bought some gray spray paint for plastics for my modeling work on the cyberpunk role playing game sets. I will spray paint some old 1970's Fisher Price play sets gray to resemble the gray world of the future cyberpunk cities. I also bought more garden netting and will put it up on the balcony before going to work this afternoon.

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Back pain seems better.

I ended up carrying a textbook amd my portfolio notebook in my pack today. I also had all my regular items like iPod, Palm and PSP. I also carry a flashlight, a few calculators, first aid supplies and extra meds. But my back seemed to manage it today fine.

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The pack is not too heavy.

My pack is ready to go. It is not too heavy. I will take some tylenol to ease the the pain in my back. Hopefully my new work task won't cause the pain to be worse. It was the previous month's task at work that did not help with my back pain. I had to make repeated actions with my hands and arms while sitting. I just took some vitamins. I took the 3 mg of risperadol yesterday in the afternoon and then 6 mg when I went to sleep at around 7:00 PM.

My partner has a personality disorder. She was watching Sybil with Sally Fields yesterday. We also got a lot of cheaper DVD's to watch including some Star Trek movies which my partner likes too.

I am just going to class now for 8:30 to 10:00 AM then I am going shopping for bus passes and garden netting. This reminds me I need to check the hardware store flyer on the web for on sale items.. I like buying tools on sale there. I just checked and titanium drill bits are on sale. May be I will buy some with the garden netting.

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I am probably not attending the conference today.

I attended the conference yesterday. I felt out of place and sleepy. I could attend today after class this morning. I could eat lunch there. But instead after class, I will wait in line to buy bus passes. I will also go out and buy some garden netting for the balcony. I will in fact bring my pack today. I will carry my new portfolio in my pack. I am working this evening.

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September 06, 2006

Fairly manic and shooting my mouth off.

All nighters have their costs. I did get a portfolio for the conference this morning and am now getting ready to go to the plenary session which seems interesting enough. I am not going to do anything else. This is also sleep management that is new for me but trusted advice. I will not try to get things done in the rest of today that I haven't gotten done. I will focus only on getting downtown in a suit jacket and attending the conference.

I did attend the orientation session for the graduate program this morning and was welcomed by our director. It seemed at the moment very productive. I asked a few questions of the director. I explored the fancy new computer sciences building at the university. Then we toured the library and I borrowed two philosophical management books on systems theory. I came home to get a package from the post office and read one of the books while I walked around the neighbourhood.

The last hour at home I cleaned but only really tiddied up and washed some dishes. My partner is at her dentists. We are eating pizza tonight. I will sleep by 8:00 am.

Right now I am taking an extra 3 MG of risperadol to stop this mania. Then I am carefully not taking my full pack to the conference because my back has been hurting me. I am only taking my new conference portfolio. This portfolio will be my school notebook too and it does hold my textbook and a full 150 pages of paper for a notebook. My pack at the moment is the enemy.

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September 05, 2006

I am doing an all nighter tonight.

I woke up at 11:00 AM. My partner woke me up with gentle tactics. I was able to get downtown and pick up my badge for this statistical conference. The conference starts tomorrow morning. But tomorrow morning I have to attend orientation ceremonies for the graduate school until about noon. Then I will go over to the conference and have lunch and maybe attend one afternoon session. Then I will sleep tomorrow at about 4:00 PM or 6:00 PM. I will sleep until 4:00 or 6:00 AM Thursday. I booked tomorrow off work so can sleep during what would have been my working hours. On Thursday morning I will have my first class at 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM then again go to the conference for a late morning sesssion then come home and go to work in the later afternoon. I will try to sleep early Thursday night and wake up early Friday and attend the end of the conference until noon and then work Friday later in the afternoon.

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I just chatted with another university graduate about finding work.

I just chatted at Yahoo. I chatted a bit with another recent gradate. He does not have work. I chatted about my government work and how I found the job. I then checked the government hiring web site. They are posting new jobs for recent graduates today and into the next five weeks or so. I will try to write the statistican test again. I scored about 70-80% on the practice test tonight.

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Two hours were just spent planning an office.

I used a software from a furniture store to plan office shelving. The cost of this office design is about 3000$ including tax.

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September 04, 2006

I stuffed some paper into a large green garbage bag and gave it to my mom.

I stuffed a whole lot of paper that was on my office floor into a green garbage bag and gave it to my mom to sort. Most of it looked like stuff I had printed, and some of it was newspapers, and some was old math tests and statistics tables from my teaching assistant work. The only papers that are confidential in that old job is the print outs of the students marks that I would do in that work to have a hard copy back up. I can now basically shred all those grades.

I need to file away the papers that we sorted yesterday and I brought back to our apartment. I am also thinking of moving this desktop computer, I am typing this on, out of the living room into the office. I now have laptop computers I can bring out to the living room if needed.

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I took back about ten books tonight to my old school library. Frosh activities were happening on campus this evening.

I took back books to the university library at the school I have quit after exactly 10 years of part-time study. I earned two undergraduate degrees in this time. I took back books I was reading on simulation, in terms of object oriented programming and in terms of statistics. I took back two early 1990 books on schizophrenia which I cited earlier on this blog may be a month ago or more. One concerned language and schizophrenia and the other was meant to explain schizophrenia as very disabling and difficult for families. I took back a book on social informatics. I kept a book on Linux and also on Social Navigation of Information Space and read an article from this book on the way home on the train from school.

I chatted with three new students. Two were smoking in the smoking area and they asked about me and my studies. They are studying information technology. Another student was just catching the train and held the door open for me to get on just befoe the train left. He liked my tactical vest and asked where he could buy one. He was also a frosh and he was studying humanities.

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My mom and I sat down and sorted papers from my office yesterday.

My mom had just grabbed some bags of papers from my office last time she visited and cleaned. Included with these papers was my high school diploma and other important documents. We sat around for an hour today at her place sorting these papers into papers and books that would go back to my office, papers we would throw in the trash, and papers she will recycle. Later today, when we get back to our apartment, I will give her a large green garbage bag of papers and she will bring them up here to her place and sort them and bring them back next weekend to me, and then we will sort the remaining papers again. This should clear off a 1 meter by 1 meter space on my office floor.

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I was rereading a computer career advice book yesterday.

I was reading some parts of a computer career advice book again yesterday. It covers developing ones education and covers business aspects of corporations. I read about job titles in particular yesterday. I am actually entering a graduate program in computers because I am ready for graduate level studies and also because I really have spent the last 12 years learning computing. I have basically used a computer and the Internet every day for the last 12 years.

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September 03, 2006

We visited my mom today and her partner.

We went out and visited my mom today. She showed my wife pictures of me taken throughout my life. I enjoyed surfing on my mom's computer. It is only dial up internet here though.

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I won some RAM memory for my IBM Thinkpad.

I won some RAM memory on ebay for my IBM Thinkpad. I made some mistakes reading the auction description and thought I was getting more memory than I am. It is ok but I had to deal with the seller's negative side a bit.

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September 02, 2006

I was blogging all morning

I was blogging after the work with my first pay cheque was done. I blogged quite a bit. I am feeling good and ate some beans and rice my partner made yesterday. Next I will eat an egg salad sandwich. I am also going to take one 3 mg risperadol even though I am not going to sleep yet. My mind is creeping into mania now so I must take an anti-psychotic PRN now. A 3 mg riseradol will do the trick.

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Winding down after work.

I guess it is very normal to want to wind down after a week of work. It is great that labour unions in the past generations of human workers were able to secure us the working right to days of rest. I appreciate this time off to wind down and filter the events both out in the world and also in my studies and daily life. When I say filter what do I mean? I mean to think about these events and issues and dwell on them and then do something about them such as write about them. But actions can be a variety of things like this past week's getting to the doctors office for my annual physical. Or physical actions such as eating or using the bathroom. Self care would also be an action one could choose after thinking about the days events.

One typical example might be taken from the business news. A few years back when I was not working I was studying and using computers. I came across Linux being talked about in the green party and then the business news as investors invested in Linux companies. I tried out Linux and have now become a person who can install Linux on a computer. I use my present Linux computer for chatting at Yahoo because my Linux computer is not as prone to abuse as my windows computers are when they chat at Yahoo. But this past week I filtered thoughts of my new Linux laptop through ebay and bought some parts for it. This took daily action of watching auctions and paying for the winnings. So I thought about this computer. I also thought about shopping.

I have also for instance thought about my new web master job. But I did not think deeply about it until today, And it was only just this morning after getting off work and getting my banking done that I could visit the web site and update it. Now I am filtering this work in my mind. But some of this work like getting paid for this work is not a real concern of mine right now.

So thoughts vary and everyone is different with what we like to think about. My wife's thinking improved today and my approach to her strange innner world was educational today and positive.

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September 01, 2006

It is a long weekend and my new tasks are being learned well at work.

Today I practiced my new tasks at work on my own basically and did very well. I also got my first pay cheque for a month's worth of labour. I paid a lot of bills fully and still have lots of money left over. But we will need to buy some groceries soon. We also must now pay market rent this month which means an extra trip to the landlord's offices to pay extra because our subsidy is no longer valid. Also we have to pay for the balcony pigeon cleaner. I have three days off now.

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I am home from work. I am doing end of the month banking tasks.

I am doing end of the month banking tasks. I worked again yesterday. I am staying up to may be 3:00 AM or so. I may try chatting at Yahoo. I have been working for almost five weeks now in my new workplace. After tomorrow it will be five weeks. We have a long weekend coming up and I also have Wednesday off next week to attend a conference related to statistics and also make it to my early morning class on Thursday. This class will be the first of the term.

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