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April 30, 2007

Both of my Mac computers are working fine.

Both of my Mac computers are working fine. My eMac is a bit slow when I get more than a few programs running on it.

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April 29, 2007

My first ride on the bike was a shopping trip.

To get to Ikea and back with the shelves I needed to take the bus. Earlier today I rode my bike for the first time this year. I rode with my big knapsack and it did not hold all the groceries. I needed to balance two grocery bags on my handle bars. I locked up my bike outside of each store. I bought bagels first, then some cookie sheets at Canadian Tire. I then made it to the big grocery store and bought the list of items my wife wanted. The bike is working fine and needed minimal tuning up this year. I used my GPS on the bike and it was fun to watch my travels on a little map on the small LCD screen. I could also see my speed as I tracked myself with satellite.

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Intending on spending 120 dollars for desk shelves I instead spent 15 dollars.

I went to Ikea and was intending to buy some shelves that attach to my computer desk. I knew these would not be available for much longer. In fact, these shelves were deeply discounted. So intead of spending 120 dollars on these shelves I only needed to borrow 15 dollars to buy the four shelves. I spent the evening setting these shelves up on the desk and on and off watching hockey playoffs.

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My school work has officially stopped now.

With the completion today of the term paper school is officially over until September. I may study one course in the fall term.

I borrowed a book on cyberculture at my old school library and then followed up on the first chapter references for this book. I looked for these references at my new school library and borrowed about eight books and began to read these on cyberculture.

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April 28, 2007

My term paper is almost done and another student in our team is finishing it.

I now do not need to work on the paper anymore. One of the other team members is completing the work. I did my fair share of the writing and most of the modeling and computer programming. I now can relax as I will not be back to school until September. I am though reading many books now. I am reading and watching hockey tonight and took my meds about an hour ago.

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April 27, 2007

I am just getting ready for work again today.

I watched hockey last night. I stayed up late and took my meds and thought of staying up all night to work on school work. Instead I slept at 11:30 PM and woke up at 5:00 AM. I am just going to shave and then go to work this morning. I am wearing jeans today as it is Friday.

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April 26, 2007

Working today as usual.

I will work an extra half an hour today and have worked an extra half hour two other days this week. This is so I can swap these extra hours with time on Friday. Thus I am allowed to leave early Friday. Work is going well. I have even taken some union volunteering on at work.

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April 25, 2007

I am not going into work so early today.

I was just working on my term paper. I still need to shave and dress for work. I will go into work in a few minutes but not really really early today.

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April 24, 2007

Things for coworkers.

I burned a DVD for a coworker. It is actually a legal DVD because it is a free French lesson Podcast. The lessons are called the French podclass and I am yes recommending them here and you can find them in iTunes. I also am loaning a coworker a wireless PCMCIA card for her laptop so she can connect wirelessly to her family router. I also made a coat hanger for my office cubicle. I made it out of what else a coat hanger bend into the shape I needed. I actually don't have a cubicle anymore but I sit with a divider behind me which is one quarter of a cubicle. Now I can hang my coat where I sit and work. I am just gettng ready to go into work early again. I worked for about five hours on school work overnight. I will miss my volunteer appreciation dinner this evening and sleep instead. I also will attend a union meeting just after work before sleeping. The union meeting is at work. Well I stopped my school work and now must stop worrying about it and focus on working today.

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My term paper in economics is nearing completion.

I worked for four hours this past evening and this morning to produce a simulation on the computer of an economics model from a Ph.D. level book on microeconomics. Then I read a scary book about power and the US military and RFID tags.

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School violence

As many of you may be in the USA here is some information about the disinformation about mental health after shootings like at Virginia Tech

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April 23, 2007

Home from work, supper and out to board of director's meeting.

I worked today and did not bad at work. I came home and my wife quickly made supper. I am waiting for my palm to charge so I can keep minutes at our board of director's meeting. My wife tried to get admitted to hospital last night and has been battling spirits all day. I am having her write down her one hundred goals. One goal she wrote down so far was to be a nurse. I know a young union activist studying to become a nurse. There is a nursing college in our city. My uncle, a successful business person received his business education at this college. I also studied managing volunteers at this college. Other coures I have taken include a computer security workshop, a botantical latin workshop, and non-violent crisis intervention. Speaking of volunteering tomorrow is our volunteer appreciation event in my law enforcement volunteering.

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April 22, 2007

Have a great Earth Day.

I will choose today to get my bike on the road for the year. I may ride to school today. That is my earth day activity today.

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April 21, 2007

The rear pannier rack is now on the bike.

I attached the rear pannier rack now. The bike is ready. It may need a little tuning like brake and gear adjustment but I might try to take it outside tomorrow and ride a little.

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Bike front rack fixed

I was inspired visiting my friend at his bike shop. He sold me some screws and a hex wrench to complete the rear rack. The screws that came with the rear rack were different from the front and not very good. I can now fix the rear rack. I took off the front rack it did not look like it would fit facing the right way. Randomness came to the rescue. I had given up on facing it in the right direction and thought I was putting it on backwards again but did not see I had reversed it. It worked reasonably well the right way. It is not perfectly flat but the support posts are on the front now and the rack is secure. This evening I will attach the rear rack. I am just preparing to go out to buy my wife two Superman films. I may buy ink for my copier and also a movie for my PSP.

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My computers are pretty dirty and I am cleaning a keyboard cover this morning.

I bought keyboard covers for my two Macs. I have a few old PC keyboards but I don't use them these days. I was thinking of buying a PC to run Vista or to run Debian Linux. Well I am going to do some library research and Word work now for my paper.

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I discovered I put the bike rack on backwards.

I spent about an hour trying to fix the bike rack after discovering I had put the front rack on backwards. I was starting to put on the rear rack when this discovery occured. I could not yet fix the front rack. I need to drill a large hole where the joining piece of metal attaches to the brake and then put this different piece on. I am actually using the joining piece of metal for a light right now and need to change this piece of metal. I won't drill now as it is early in the morning and drilling will disturbe the neighbours and my partner who are all sleeping.

Speaking of sleeping R is trying to sleep a more regular schedule now with support from the local clubhouse. I am up late and will sleep in two hours or so. I am volunteering this evening on call in law enforcement.Right now until 6 am I am going to work on our term paper. I also did some reading about Dreamweaver 1.2 just now. I search for books for dreamweaver 8 the version I bought last summer. But I can not afford these books right now.

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R, C and J and I watched hockey last night and did not talk a lot of schizophrenia medicine.

My friends all came over and we watch NHL playoff hockey. I talked to my sister-in-law and her kids, and I also talked to my dad for some support this last evening.

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April 20, 2007

I am done exams for the year.

I wrote my last final exam today. My next exam is a work exam. I will start studying for this work exam soon. I have only my economics term paper to complete and I have the summer off of school. I did so so on the exam maybe scoring 80% at best which wold give me an A for the course. More likely I have something like a B or C+.

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I am up on time for my exam.

My partner gently woke me up this morning. I am now just getting my books ready for study. I will briefly review notes than get ready to go to school. R, C and J should be coming by tonight. I am not working today but using vacation time to write my exam.

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Goodnight cruel world!

I am going to sleep with hope. But I think many people will agree that our world is cruel.

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Working on my bicycle continues

I fastened the light mount with a rubber sleeve and now it should hold better. I will test my bike this weekend and may be ride to school. I have only one more rack to put on the bike. I thought of buying new lights but may try it out with my present lights. That means I need to get batteries charged up or new batteries for lights I have.

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Web mastering work continues in two jobs may be now.

I say continues in two web master jobs meaning privately for consumer/survivors in two contracts and also may be now working for the government as a web master. I have to write an exam on HTML to land this government job. I am now thinking of signing up at the college to study web mastering in a school. I would need to find 800$ in May to pay tuition. I may ask my family for support in this tuition expense.

I worked three days this week. I did two under productive days and one better day. On one under productive day I was not working for one hour so this explains the under production. Also we are being instructed to slow down and improve on quality so I am doing that. I am actually feeling rather well about my paid work right now.

I am also feeling good about my web master work in the survivor community as I did a little work just now and will have some work this weekend. I can also receive some money from this job to help pay for web mastering school this May. I will need about 1600$ this July as well and then another 400$ this August.

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I am studying for my final exam but will sleep now.

I studied a little bit more this past evening. I also watched hockey and grew excited. I took my meds about an hour ago and ate some veggies. My exam is later today. This is my last final exam. I may not write another school final exam until next December. After this exam I have only one school duty this term. I must complete our term paper. I will worry about this on Saturday.

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April 19, 2007

I paid the rent for April.

I finally was able to pay April's rent. I also browsed the music store while downtown.

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April 18, 2007

I am studying with another student this evening.

I got angry with my term paper partners and one came through with some work. I am studying with the other student tonight for our mathematics exam.

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I worked successfully yesterday.

Counting little successes is important, These pebble steps are something I take from a book on cyber careers by the same name. I was able to work well yesterday. I talked a lot with my coworkers. I also after work completed an application for a more senior position. I also found out I am still in the running for a web master job with the government. This was the good news yesterday at work.

I slept yesterday after work at about 4:00 PM. I slept until 1:30 AM this morning. I got up and did the accounts. I attached my bike mount for my GPS unit. I bought the mount on ebay. I paid fair market price even with shipping but I could not find this particular mount locally. I did buy bike racks and have put on the front rack now and I still need to attach the rear rack. My bike is looking good for the spring.

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April 16, 2007

I will stay up tonight and work tomorrow.

I have to work tomorrow but will not get home from my exam until about 10:30 tonight. So I will stay up all night and study for my other exam. I will work tomorrow and when I get off work I will have been up for 28 hours and can sleep as soon as I get home. I have only been up six and a half hours now as I woke up at 11:00 AM today. I have nothing happening Tuesday night and will miss the hockey game that night.

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I am just gettng ready to go to school and write my exam.

I have everything packed and am getting ready to go out to school perhaps half an hour to an hour early for the exam.

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I attended the memorial today.

I attended the memorial today and in remembering this person's life my views of him matched those of the others there so my view of interpersonal reality is not far out there. This was a good reality test.

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Keeping it between me and you.

I just fired off an email to someone asking them to respect my anonymity on this blog. It is a problem for those who know me because some peers like reading this blog but they know me in real life. Like I say I can better write here when people generally don't know who I am.

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I am going to sleep an hour past when I planned to sleep.

It is almost an hour past when I had planned to sleep this morning. I have not been studying much in the past 6 hours. I am just now going to do some notebook organising and checking the exam time and room number.

I am letting the battery drain a little on my laptop and am now going to plug it back in. I have not been looking after the battery very well. My brother helped me identify this battery care issue.

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April 15, 2007

The next projects after the balcony.

I am getting closer to completing the balcony clean up. After the pigeon cleaners came it was about a week before I put up the netting structure and in this time the pigeons did their business a little more. I need to sweep this up still. I also need to re-secure the netting after the mild winter. This project is getting done very slowly.

My next projects involve solar energy and bicycles. One I want to take up bike touring and along with this build my bike into a computer carrying vehicle. I am building a sort of cyborg bicycle. I bought two cheap pannier racks today to hold the pannier bags I will buy in the future. I also last week bought a GPS mount for holding my GPS on the bicycle. I have the normal stuff like reflector tape, lights and reflectors all ready on the bike. I also need fenders. I put the front rack on the bike this evening. This was a long time coming as I had planned to buy this rack and the matching rear rack for over a year now. I finally took the plunge and bought them both today. I will now need to spring tune my bike and I still must attach the rear rack.

The connection between the balcony and my bike is both require tools to do as tasks. The other connection is that my wife wants me to keep the bicycle on the balcony. I will need a tarp for this eventually. My bike is a mid-priced bike and it took a savings bond to buy it one warm February day. This was fifteen years ago.

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A noted consumer and key volunteer at our self help group has died.

I won't give out his name but an elder consumer/survivor who was a volunteer at our consumer run self help group has died of a heart attack. We are holding a memorial at the group Monday afternoon. I hope to wake up three hours before the memorial and go to the consumer group an hour early tomorrow.

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I studied today too but also procrastinated.

I did study today and will continue to study until abut 2:00 AM tonight. I also fixed my bike tires today, thus completing another of the 100 goals in 1001 days. In fact, getting my math homework done this past week was another two goals so I have four goals completed and 96 to go. I haven't actually written all my 100 goals down. Two goals I have are writing my exams and this is happening this week. One exam is on Monday evening, tomorrow. The other and final exam is on Friday in the afternoon. My supervisor at work has granted me both days off work.

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April 14, 2007

I will probably not stay up late studying tonight.

I have been studying and have today studied about a quarter of the material in my economics course. I hope to study another quarter before I sleep or before midnight but I must get my study goal achieved. I write my final exam on Monday night. I have Monday off of work. I also have my mathematics final exam this Friday and will have that day off of work as well. That is something my employer tries to respect is employee education rights.

In the fall term it was hard to wake up for my school class early in the morning. This winter term it has been hard to wake up for my work early in the morning. Tuesday may be difficult too because I am writing my exam until 10:00 PM. I will may be stay up all night and start studying for my mathematics exam on Tuesday early morning.

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My partner made a decision to not drink beer anymore.

The only alcohol my partner drank in the past 7 years has been beer. But yesterday she decided to quit drinking. Today was her first day sober. I went and did her wishes and spent her beer money on supper and groceries. She watched Taxi Driver and Superman II today. I almost bought a handle bar bag today but that can wait. I don't want to over invest in my bike.

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R, C, and J did not come by on Friday.

I did not have R, C and J over on Friday. I also did not study much Friday night after work. Instead I returned a non-functioning computer part to a store and bought my partner a copy of Superman II on sale. I also bought a second copy of the game the Matrix On-Line. This copy is for my laptop. Speaking of computers I have not used Windows Vista yet. I have a copy but don't have a PC to install it on. Actually I should not get talking about computers as doing some computer tasks right now will really use up my study time.

I just talked to R on the phone and he was repeating himself. He has his guitar strings strung. He too watched hockey today. He is on a new diet and exercise program and is also trying to sleep normal hours.

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I have all my notes printed out for my exam on Monday.

I think consumers have unique needs in terms of studies. One my hand writing is so messy the professor is suggesting I write my exam on computer. I will do this. I will hand in my exam answers on a USB memory key. I have a USB key I am going to test in a moment for saving word documents. I have a basic exam answer with only my name, student number and course number and professor name ready to test.

I viewed all the lecture notes and printed out final copies of notes I did not already have and organized my note book so far this morning. I will now be reading my note book.

I also have a working copy of the reading list to work on.

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April 13, 2007

I handed in my assignment just now via email.

I spent a fair amount of time on my mathematics homework this past two weeks. I could not complete the assignment but I have done enough for now. I don't need to kill myself with too heavy a workload to be perfect. The professor said he would count the best of three assignments which means I have about an 80% mark now. So I submitted what I had done and am focusing on work now and preparing my application. I will relax more about school work for the rest of the day and perhaps watch some hockey tonight on TV. I have a day of work ahead and will concentrate on that for today.

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My long day was successful.

I did manage to have a long day yesterday. I worked for 8 hours at my regular job. I then gave a blogging session for some mental health centre staff at our major mental health centre. I showed them this blog and advised them about writing for the web. They will be writing blogs on our peer support project.

I slept at about 5:00 PM yesterday. I woke up at about 3:00 AM today. I have some mathematics homework to complete this morning. I will be able to e-mail it to the professor this morning. I will work a regular 8 hour work day today. I will then begin studying for my economics exam. At work today I will be meeting with a new supervisor who will advise me on applying for a more senior job.

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April 12, 2007

This is strange and weird

I am hoping that by taking my meds and then if I am able to stay up all day today I won't be as tired when I get off work. The key period has been the last few hours. I feel more mushy and soft rather than tired and wired. I am trying to maintain my excitement for the end of term and math studies. But I am not wired about it all. The meds are helping me maintain a level headedness. I have been working a couple of more hours just now on math probems. I also just did the accounts or most of them. If I try to write in my pen and ink journal I relax too much and get tired. I am focusing on my school work. This means I may be blind sided by other responsibilites. I have other things that are late besides school work. I took some vitamins about 20 minutes ago. I will post this and then complete the income report which I have been preparing to do for awhile now.

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April 11, 2007

I took my meds at about 8 PM tonight but am trying to stay up all night.

I did take my meds early intending to sleep. Instead I must complete my math homework as I will not have time to complete it tomorrow evening after work. Also it is due before my work ends Friday. I also am too excited to sleep. I did lie down with my wife and we rested and then I got up and started working on the computers. My wife helped me meditate for about an hour rest.

I ate a large bowl of suc de le creme my wife made. This relaxed me but is bad for my teeth. I just made a pot of coffee. I will have an instant black bean soup some time overnight and I might make some kraft dinner too.

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The deadline has been extended. My last class happened today.

I did do something for other students today by asking that our deadline be extended on our final homework assignment. The professor agreed to do that in class today. Today was my last class of the term. I may have no more classes until September now. I did hand in the bonus assignment and also the professor agreed to accept my other assignment as a pdf by email. I use a typesetting software to create pdf's with math symbols.

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I took today off of work so I can complete my final mathematics assignment.

I took today off of work. I took the day off as a stress sick day. I was very stressed out about school last night. I am much more relaxed today. It was worth it for my health even if my job is threatened thereby. I have completed about half of the bonus assignment now and about three eights of the regular assignment. The professor said in a phone call he may be able to extend the deadline from today to Friday. I should finish printing the bonus problem graphics and programs in about the next hour then work a bit more on the regular assignment then go to school for our final class.

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April 10, 2007

I am still woking on mathematics homework this morning.

I solved another problem this morning. I woke up at 1:10 AM and have been slowly applying myself to my mathematics homework. I have another problem done now. I have about six problems left to do now.

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My partner has cleaned the bathroom floor a few times last week and the kitchen floor.

My partner is taking the role of traditional housewife. She is always making my lunch. She is keen to recycle. She also this past week has been cleaning the floors of our two bedroom apartment.

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April 09, 2007

I have working towards my school work completion all morning.

From about midnight until now I have been working on the computer doing mathematics. I also did some professional social networking. I am just going to school now to read in the library. I did some library searching this morning from home on the computer and will search out these books today. I am also taking some books back to the library. I will bring my iPod to listen to on the voyage to school which really only takes about 15 minutes and now that the rush hour is over this will not be an uncomfortable ride.

I have been up since about 5:00 PM yesterday. So the time relatively speaking for me right now is 9:30 PM even though absolutely the time is actually 9:30 AM.

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April 08, 2007

Goal oriented behaviour

I set some goals to work towards and yesterday working on three of these. I did get the final shelf light screwed in on top of the shelf. I also started the repair of my bicycle tires and filled them with air with my hand pump and am seeing if they hold the air. I think they may not need replacing or repair after all. I may do some tuning up of the bike this week as a break from studies. I did not yet change the cat litter and this is the third goal.

And of course my studies are goal oriented behaviour too.

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Happy Easter Christians

My wife is a Catholic and we are celebrating Easter. I have just prepared a chicken which is in the oven. My wife has the potatoes ready to cook. She watched The Ten Commandments on Friday night and she is watching King Kong right now. I am getting ready to study.

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April 07, 2007

I did some shopping for my wife and myself today.

I have been surfing the camping store web site and spotting deals on winter clearance and other clearance items. The store is a coop and I voted this year in the AGM. Today, in the actual store I found a pull over sweater for 19$ in the store and bought my partner one of these in an extra large size and red in colour. Last week I bought her friend L a wool jacket for 19$. I also bought the solar charger LED light base system for 28$. I did not wake up early enough to buy cat food. I did though buy cat litter and that's another overnight task, cleaning the cat's litter box. Also at the camping store I bought a youth style cycling helmet also on clearance and in my favorite colour gray. I did not thought buy the padded cycling vest or the handle bar bag. So I ended up spending less at the store.

I also bought us a chicken for Easter dinner with potatoes, peas, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. We also got an apple pie.

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I did a fair amount of studying today by reading on the buses.

I went out shopping on the buses and read my textbooks on the buses. I focused rather well doing this. Right now I am doing some testing of programs for a bonus math assignment. I will stay up and do more math homework over night now.

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I am half way through my holidays now.

I had Friday off work and also have Monday off of work. So I am now at the halfway point. I did not yet complete the web master job application at my workplace. I have two working days now to complete it. I only need to complete the cover letter and also I may spend some time this weekend touching up my resume.

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Not getting some stuff completed.

I did not pay the rent on Thursday and also did not attend my volunteer meeting. I also got no further today with fixing my bike tires or my shelf light.

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Another 5 hours spent programming in R and now this bonus assignment is completed.

I spent 5 hours programming since J and C left at midnight. I did get the work done but will now save all files and sleep on this school work. In total I have worked about 11 hours on this assignment. I also set up some math problems for my fourth regular assignment. Tomorrow I will do more work on the regular assignment.

One of the other students working on our term paper assured me she would have some work done by the end of the weekend.

I also read a little economics while J and C watched 20/20. I am going to sleep now and took my pills moments ago. I have been up now for about 23 hours after sleeping 14 hours and being up 33 hours yesterday. My school work is getting done but there is just so much work to do. I have three more days of study until I have to go back to my normal job and have a class on Tuesday evening. This coming week is the last week of classes in the winter term and then the summer will have no classes. Now is the crunch time.

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I did not fix my bike tires or put up the last shelf light.

I did not do anymore house work since my last post. I also stopped shopping on-line.

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April 06, 2007

I have been web shopping all morning and afternoon.

I should be studying but am instead surfing the web sites of the camping store, the electronics store, ebay, the free business card store, and domain name registers. I bought 250 business cards for my old defunct rock and roll band and bought a domain name for this old band. I spent about 27$ on this. I also bought through ebay a bike mount for my GPS and this cost 27$. I also bought a car charger for my Treo from the electronics store which I intend to hook up to a solar powered charger. The car charger cost about 25$ and is being shipped here. I still haven't bought the solar powered charger and that will cost 28$ for the solar part and 21$ for the connector cable, tomorrow at the camping store. I will buy cat food tomorrow when I am out at the camping store. Also at the camping store I might buy a padded Chinese riding vest for warmth. I might also buy a handle bar bag. One of my 100 goals in 1001 days is to fix my bike tires and I got started on that just now.

Another goal I worked on today was finishing the balcony clean up. It took about 4 days but I put up another support piece of wood on the balcony frame just now.

If I can pay off the furniture store credit card by June I will buy a table and chairs set for the balcony. I owe about 700 dollars still for my bookshelves. I will also put up the last of the bookshelf lights today.

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April 05, 2007

I read extra readings and wrote some more of my term paper this morning.

I wrote more of my term paper and read more of my references this morning. I also read more of one book that is an extra reading in the course. I am doing most of the work on this term paper and my so called partners are doing not much at all. At least I feel this way sometimes about this term paper.

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I am just going to complete my application this morning for web mastering.

I need to go into work early and will leave in ten minutes. I need to write a cover letter still. I will focus on this first at work then submit my application before work this morning. I will then work for 8 hours and then go downtown and pay the rent. I may even be able to attend a meeting this evening for my volunteer work. I had a brief half hour nap on the couch.

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I worked for about 3 hours on R code.

It took about 3 hours to code a 2 dimensional random walk in R. I spent a lot of time on the wrong approach. When I realized what might work better it took me very little time to get it working. I can not run the program at the full extent needed for school, but I have the basic simulation done.

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April 04, 2007

I am staying up all night after waking up almost late for work today.

I have only one more day of work before the holidays. I woke up only half an hour before work today and was just on time. Tomorrow I will be an hour early.

I will achieve this by staying up all night. I will study over night and have already done some studies now. I also attended my lecture late this afternoon.

I did some union volunteering in the past two hours by phone and email. Now I am stopping union work for a few hours but may do some more work on the union network committee later in the early morning tomorrow. At the moment I will study more at the laptop computer which means writing R code for my math course.

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I carried my iPod all day but did not use it once.

I carried my iPod with me all day but did not turn it on once. My psychiatrist asked me about my Otter iPod case when we last met. He also has a 60GB iPod.

This goes back to class struggles and my experiences of the French English class struggle polarization. "We have the same things", the French and English and the upper and lower classes, at least that is what the French upper class claim in my presence. This is not true but it is what they have claimed. In some respects the English upper class also deny the class differences but do not do so with plain English as the French do when they are challenged in English. I will try to create a French language challenge but my French needs work.

It is also interesting that it is the consumers and psychiatrists in my life who talk about iPods not teachers or other student's.

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April 03, 2007

I worked 8 hours today.

We may be getting reassigned at work. We were asked to submit our preferred place of work at our government agency and bring in a resume. I will write and print one tonight. I will spend an hour on this at least. I am just getting ready to go to school for the evening. This is our second last lecture in this course. I just printed the notes and will be rushing off to catch a bus now.

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April 02, 2007

I am just syncing my iPod to get new podcasts.

I have listened to the French Pod Class episodes one and two many times now so am no longer going to keep these on my iPod. I also listen to the Business week cover story podcast regularly. I did not take my iPod or cell phone to work today. I also did not take my iPod to school today. I tend to use these gadgets less now that I am working full time. But I do make more cell phone calls now but use it less for email these days.

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April 01, 2007

I am working a four day week this week.

We have Easter weekend next weekend and I will have both the Friday and Monday off of both work and school. I will be volunteering that weekend. But I will also have time to study and celebrate Easter with my wife.

This evening I am sleeping at 7:00 PM or 8:00 PM to get enough rest for tomorrow and a full day of work and school. I will go in early again and work on a job application or promotion as these would both be the result of landing the job. The job involves web mastering and publishing for the government.

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The President of the USA might be related to me in 2009.

My sister in law has been doing research on our Mennonite family roots. One of the candidates for President in 2008 is from this family root. Our family left the USA in a migration known as Empire Loyalists who feared the US revolution and came to live in British Canada. It was two brothers in this family line that split with one staying in the USA and eventually producing the candidates mother and the other son's line producing my grandmother.

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Day shift is better.

For the first weekend in months I did not stay up over night. I feel great today. I did sleep in and was late to a study meeting. I got my bus pass for the month after the study meeting. I also am spending further time at the libraries today. We can donate food for library fines today so I will save 2 dollars today by giving a can of green beans to the library food drive. School is coming along well and I am browsing the local community college course catalog for courses as a possible activity for weekends this summer. But I will not study in the evenings this summer. I will limit courses to weekends. There are a number of web mastering course available on weekends. I can also study motorcycle driving on weekends, as soon as, May. I might also spend Friday evenings studying Kung Fu. I am just posting this and then going to one library to return books and then to another library to return books. I will read on the buses and study on the buses.

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