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September 30, 2005

A friend with a mini van is giving me a lift home with the music equipment.

I was able to get a favour from a friend who is gettting off work at 5 PM and works near here. He is going to pick me up and then we will go to the music store. I will pay off the mixer rack case and we will bring it back here. This way I will not lose money but may have too much U space in the end.

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Changing some shopping plans.

I am changing some shopping plans at the music store. I will lose 20$ on this deal if I change. I am just going out now to buy a bus pass and also buy some more smokes and visit the music store. I might also take a bus to Future Shop store and buy some stuff there for the computers but must look on the web first.

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September 29, 2005

Major school future decison made with my brothers advice. Stress break begins.

I asked my brother for help deciding my grad school program. He did offer advice which I have now followed for today. I dropped my stochastic processing and queuing theory course so only have the one law course to study. I did get a refund of the fees. This fee money will pay for another law course this winter. I will not be able to get a student bus pass now with the reduced course load but I will have more time to either work or stay at home and read this term. I will prepare to study legal studies at the master of arts level next year. For now I have a reduced study load thus a major stress break has been implemented.

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The plan wasn't exactly followed for today.

I did just manage to install the Debian this morning and get my wife some pop and cash then get to school on time for the training. I did the training then bought cigarettes and paid a little more on the rack case. I then came home and napped. I did not attend the talk on two step regression quantiles. After my nap I went to school for my Thursday night law lecture. I was filmed again. I took back a book and a CD. The book was written for therapists to advise them on treating addictions. It was for professional therapists so I did not need to read it yet in my career. I am home now and need to reinstall Debian which I am doing.

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I worked for half an hour on my statistics homework. I am planning a busy almost 11 hour day at school today.

Early this morning after coming home from my role playing game, I wrote up one of my home work questions using Maple. I have it solved now but after proof reading the solution I have printed I will need to rewrite it once or twice more. I had planned this morning to also write up the question I worked on yesterday and to work on three more questions. I really need to work some more on this homework as it is due next Monday. It looks like it may take about 10 more hours. But I may not work on it more today.

Today means I woke up on Wednesday at 4 PM as planned and am still up. For the rest of the day this is my agenda. In about two hours I will take safety training for handling chemicals and other dangerous goods. This will last three hours until 12 noon. If I don't attend the safety office will bill the math department and I will have to pay 50$ no doubt. So at this point I must attend this training. I will leave in one hour for this training. Hopefully my computer stuff will be done by then. Besides installing Debian I am backing up the user account on my Macintosh to an external hard drive.

After this training this morning I will eat some lunch and go downtown and buy some cigarettes and may be drop in on the music store. But I will need to budget before buying anything new at the music store. A better plan at the music store would be to pay some more money for the mixer/amp rack case I have on layaway.

So after I do this shopping and eating lunch it will be about 1 PM. I will then go back to school to the library and read cases for my law course.

Then at 3 PM I will go to the school of mathematics and statistics for a talk about two step regression quantiles. I am not sure what this talk is about but I have always been keen about regression so this seems like it could be a good time. After the talk it will be a 24 hour day. I will then spend two hours resting and reading in the library again.

Then at 6 PM I will attend my law class. After this I will come home. So no I will not buy computer stuff today. Only the music store offers a possible over spending chance. So I should just stick to paying down my layaway. Instead of buying something outright I can just lay it away. In particular a small mixer microphone interests me at this shop.

I need to buy my wife some pop and get her a little cash before going to school so I should quickly post this and proof read it, do a quick budget for the day and then go to the 7-11 and get this pop before having to go to school.

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I am just installing software on my Thinkpad this morning.

I am installing Debian Linux on my Thinkpad and have installed WinXP too this week. I just left this computer I am writing this entry on and went to our office and started to install the Debian System over the internet from Michigan State University and their public ftp server that keeps Linux files. I think this is in their department of engineering. One of my friends i write about here is connected to this university. I found this out after using this ftp site for a while. My friends father played some football and studied at this school. So I am back at this computer now writing this entry but before my final proof read I will check on the Debian install again.

I may buy some blank DVD's today. I may also or otherwise buy some RAM memory for my Thinkpad. Another computer part I am interested in buying is a memory stick for my PSP so I can play even more music. But actually I have enough bills and money owing on layaway for things that I should not buy any of this stuff today.

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September 28, 2005

Installed some software while shopping for music equipment on-line.

I surfed my local vintage instrument music store while transfering a My Documents folder to my broken laptop. I had just installed WinXP on this again. I am up from 12 noon Tuesday. I worked last night. I now have some marking to do. I marked the first page of one lab section earlier this morning.

I talked with M at school a bit about drugs and crime and I am reading a book on this topic.

In the music surfing I was looking at guitars but in particular I was looking for a bass pre amp. I also did a fair amout of surfing there. I was also presently surprised to check my stock market account and find one of my stocks was up finally.

I borrowed a few books on rock music at the university library. I also made some CD's of my band and gave them to an ACT team worker and a self help group employee. I am going to sleep now for the day and wake up and play my role playing game. I will miss class today.

I didn't give up yet on the statistics course and in fact installed a math software to write up my homework. If I get it done in pencial and paper I might type setting it using Maple.

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I may take a lighter course load this fall and take time off studies this winter.

I am having diffculty with my statistics homework. I could drop the course now and get the fee money back. I have only two days to decide and still get the money. This is sort of a reaction to my confidence levels with math as apposed to statistics because the homework I am trying to do is very math like with integrals and derivatives. Oh well I worked for an hour and half on this one homework problem now I will take a break. I started one problem and met a snag where I will need a trick to continue and solve the problem. Maybe this is a matter of a methodology approach issues rather than a pass/fail and therefore avoid/approach problem. If I drop this course it will not affect my present program in legal studies but would affect my chances of going to grad school in statistics next year. I would be down to only one course and only be on campus for two days a week and both days in the evenings. I don't think it would affect my work at school either. The refund would pay for one course this winter. Or I could take the winter off freshly graduated by spring and follow the advice of a few law professionals who think I should try working in the real wortd.

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September 27, 2005

I cleaned up books into three stacks beside my computer in the living room.

I borrowed a few books on music yesterday. I also have about seven books borrowed as extra reading for my legal studies course. I am just about to email one of my legal studies professors from last year and let her know that I am still reading about drugs and the law and treatment. I worry about emailing professors. They get too much email as it is so I think I will not email her.

I put in another half hour preparing for today's work as a lab TA. After today the students will have handed in their first assignment and I will be able to mark it.

I studied my own statistics course for 1 hour tutorial then an extra half hour with the course TA. Then another 1 hour lecture. We covered moment generating functions and tricks to solve these. I am a few hours behind on the assignment work for my own statistics course. I will do a little maple right now on the windows PC. No I plan to use the maple for type setting the assignment after it has been done in pen and paper. Right now I will work out some of the other problems as I have only worked on one or two questions so far.

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September 26, 2005

I managed to wake up on time for my tutorial.

I had to wake up at 6 AM this morning. I had been up about 30 hours yesterday and was able to only sleep 9 hours this morning. But I did it and woke up on time. I had a productive morning class and worked some extra time with my TA after the class. I came straight home and bumped into someone who knew B and was also trying to be clean and sober. He works locally here and I don't know him well. He is also a musician. I have a class this afternoon at 14:30 then I am off until my own class again at 14:30 Wednesday.

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September 25, 2005

I worked for twelve hours today.

I worked at my security job for twelve hours today. I have to sleep early tonight and wake up at 6 AM tomorrow. I have a tutorial to attend in the morning where I will learn more probability studies.

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September 24, 2005

I did a fair amount of legal studies this morning.

I continued to study political trials this morning. This evening I am studying statistics. I repeated some R code from my winter term data mining course but this time on a Linux platform. I like all the gadgetty statistics stuff which is one reason to choose statistics in graduate school.

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September 23, 2005

Reading about political trials.

I just read this small legal history essay Muir, James. The Demand for British Justice: Protest and Culture During the Winnipeg General Strike Trials, Canadian Legal History Project Working Papers Series (Winnipeg, Man.: Canadian Legal History Project, 1993). This is for my criminal law course.

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I am volunteering over night and helping deliver Saturday's newspaper again.

The usual Friday night here. But my friends did not come by. I was volunteering. I am on call over night. I will study then sleep at 8 AM.

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Investigated scholarships at a session today.

I checked out some regular scholarships at school this afternoon by attending an info session for graduate students. My grade point average is not high enough for these scholarships. I left early.

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September 22, 2005

Busy days at school this week.

I have had a busy school week and it will continue to be busy. I stayed up over night on Tuesday evening after waking up at noon Tuesday. I missed my social night. I attended a 9 AM meeting for the union on Wednesday. I then came home and then went back to school for my afternoon class. I then came home and slept at 5 PM.

I woke up early this morning at about 6:30. I have some volunteering with the green party today, a meeting with a councilor after that then the membership meeting of the union then finally this evening I have my legal studies class.

On Tuesday evening I gave the first labs of this term and met my students for the first time. I made a mistake in this first lab with the stem and leaf plot and trimed outliers but corrected it with them.

On Friday this week I will attend a scholarship information meeting for graduate school scholarships and have a similar meeting next Wednesday. I need to do some more work on my graduate school applications.

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Completed reading a chapter of interviews of terrorism victims.

In my legal studies course this term I will be studying political trials. I am also continuing my studies of terrorism laws. I am reading a study of victim's of terrorism. This chapter covered victims of state terrorism too like the war and genocide. There were no victim's of Vietnam but there were some bombing victims from the fire bombing of Dresden interviewed. The interviews ended with some victims of the '911' terrorist attacks. The interviews also included death camp survivors and soliders from all side of world war one and two.

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I am working in security this weekend

I was able to schedule some security work this weekend. I am also volunteering this weekend. I will also prepare some school lessons this weekend. And I will help with the newspapers this weekend.

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September 20, 2005

Doing a little work on the union web site this evening late.

I have been contracted to build the teaching assistant union's web site. This is only the local's site on the main union servers. I use a web content managment system to do this. I will complete a few more hours over night tonight and get a much needed pay cheque for this work at our fall meeting on Thursday.

I will volunteer with the union, the green party and the victims assistance organisation this week. I will also read a fair amount and begin my first statistics assignment on Wednesday. I may miss my role playing game this week.

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First day of work in the fall term.

I woke up at noon today. It is my first day of work in my teaching assistant job. The work starts at 17:30. I will be at work for about 4:30. I have spent some time preparing the lessons. I will do this work for most of the night.

I was about to get a GNU scientific reference library book for about 15$ including shipping and currency exchange from today. This is a used book. I find it good to check in on my wish list and see if there are used copies available at low prices like I did today. This is a good part of being a professional student.

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Feeling tired and going to sleep.

I stayed up a little late from Monday. I am going to take my medications and sleep after doing some school work for the past three hours.

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September 19, 2005

I reviewed some long entries from this blog from last winter.

I print this blog in hard copy. I keep it in my pen and ink binder. I just about an hour ago read some old entries from February, May and July.

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I worked another half hour preparing my labs.

I spent about half an hour just now reading the statistics textbook my students must use for the course they are studying. I read about graphing methods and am thinking I will give a stem and leaf plot example and use the textbook to show the proper construction steps. But I will actually make the stem and leaf for them using Minitab with an example problem data set.

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My wife described her spirits to me tonight.

I listened patiently about my wife's spirits tonight. I tried to be her friend and tried to let her do most of the talking. She went to sleep after this and I should check on her now.

My sister-in-law sent me some of my brother's clothes. One of these items is beautiful ethnic sweater and I am wearing it right now. It is very sexy in a nordic kind of way.

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I have not worked in security much lately.

I have not worked much in security lately. The boss has called with some shifts but I have been unable to take them due to either sleep or volunteer duties or because of my classes being at the same time.

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I asked my professor about the talk I attended this past weekend.

The professor of my statistics course this term is also the director of our school at the moment. I asked him to explain some things I heard about in the talk I attended this weekend. He explained it a little after class today when I asked him. I like this fellow and may seek him as my graduate supervisor.

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I did a library search from home.

Amazing the Internet at schools these days. I looked up nine famous bioinformatics algorithm pioneers and found books by seven of them. I did this from home using the web and a list of these scientists from a book on bioinformatics algorithms. I made a word processing file for these library cards by copying them off the library web interface.

I attended a tutorial today where the TA K solved some of the exercise set of problems on the black board. I interacted with her. Later in the day because the tutorial was at nine this morning, I attended the statistics class for the third time in the afternoon. We covered joint random variables and then the common discrete and continuous distributions or statistical models.

I also found time today to attend a green party beginning of term meeting and we planned some events. I will volunteer two hours this week on this club before classes on Wednesday and Thursday. I also am trying to get us a donated solar panel from a hardware store for a raffle to raise money for this club. I have to call the store manager tomorrow. I guess I called inappropriately this evening.

Also today I was interviewed with the students emergency response team and decided I could not volunteer with them because they require 12 hours per shift on campus. I find it difficult enough to stay on campus for my classes. The campus is not very comfortable.

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September 18, 2005

I finished printing off the Employment Standards Act.

I finished printing off the Employment Standards Act. I need this to study employment law so that I can draft some employment policy for our self help group. I will also today start what I want to be 25 hours of work on the network's web site. This is the self help network.

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Reading this morning and preparing for my teaching assistant work.

I spent about half an hour this morning preparing for my teaching assistant work. I have to prepare for another 2.5 hours before late Tuesday afternoon. I read the first section of the student's textbook this morning and looked at the assigned problems and thought up ways to teach this stuff to the students on Tuesday. This will be their first lab so I must also explain the math and statistics lab rooms to them.

I read some stuff about terrorised warriors this morning. I also read about ebusiness. I also read about Standard Query Language (SQL) and Data Definition Language (DDL) an SQL language. I also read about cybercafes in South America and Internet policy in South America. I also read a little about assimilation v two row wapum parallelism in regards Native Canadians.

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Volunteering again today.

I am volunteering in victim's assistance again today. I will spend four hours in the office. My wife is buying groceries today. I am up from 8 PM last night and will sleep at about 4 PM or 6 PM this afternoon.

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September 17, 2005

I attended the Field's Institute Probability day.

I went to school early this morning to atttend the Field's Institute Probability day. I heard one talk but was too tired to stay for another. I had been up over night helping deliver the newspapers. The talk was on Poisson clusters to model queuing processes. The example was packets arriving at an Internet server. Mostly statistics and probability professors were there in the audience.

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I painted the bathroom after C and J left.

I did some more bathroom painting. Now the majority of the walls are painted. In fact all the walls are now painted yellow but I still need to paint corners and behind fixtures. I would also like to sand the paint and repaint everything with a final coat. I did a second coat on one wall and a first coat on two walls.

I got a lot of newspapers ready for recycling. I also cleaned up the newspaper being used in the bathroom for catching paint droppings.

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C and J came by last night.

C and J came by. We talked about J's problems. C also complained that J was hurting her feelings. We got a little silly for a serious problem set. C was also fairly down and depressed and I really did not offer much help but did put on some light Irish music. They left at about 11 PM and I then read a little.

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I downloaded some journal articles from the Political Theory journal.

I downloaded some articles as pdf's from the journal Political Theory. They are articles concerning the concept of justice. I am just reading and scanning course outlines for other law courses from fourth year. This means I am studying law. I recorded and watched the first hour of this week's lecture even though I was also in the class when it was filmed Thursday night. I saw myself on TV. I also read an excerpt from Niccolo Machiavelli concerning attaining the position of prince by villainy. I have spent about 3 hours out of class time on this political criminal law course so far this term.

I also downloaded the exercises from the stochastic processes course. I did about three problems and spent about 15 minutes of the three hours I need to do this weekend before 9 AM Monday morning when we have our tutorial. I am just about to print an article in queing theory annd then later this morning at 9 am I will hear the author of this article give a talk on this problem of queuing in call centre operations. So I will be at school later this morning. Then I will come home and sleep at 2 PM or maybe sooner.

In the next few hours I will help deliver Saturday's newspaper.

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September 16, 2005

I cleaned up for fifteen minutes just now.

I sorted out some laundry and put in a bag for a wash. I also tiddied up my office closet a bit. I took some computer stuff from the dinning room area to the office and some music and videos out of the office into the living room. I also tiddied the front closet a bit. It will ultimately take more than just tiddying to make our apartment clean. I cleaned the kitchen floor last weekend.

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September 15, 2005

I continue to acquire stuff and the apartment gets messier.

I have been cleaning up a bit and my wife has been maintaining the kitchen well the past week. I cleaned the cat litter yesterday. I still need to complete the painting of the bathroom. I also still need to replace the filter in the air conditioner. I have been working on cleaning the office but ended up buying a USB keyboard and USB mouse for the broken laptop which means more stuff in the office.

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I attended the first class of possibly my last legal studies course.

I had in 2001 said that I was studying my last statistics course when I studyed sampling methodology and thereby completed my B.Math degree requirements. I graduated the next term in 2002. I will graduate most probably from my legal studies BA at the end of this term. So while I am only required to complete one more course in legal studies based on past experience I will probably study legal studies courses again after I graduate. I am after all still studying statistics courses a few years after I completed my statistics undergraduate degree.

This evening I attended the legal studies course in criminal law and the political process. I suggested things in class and will record the lecture and class which was filmed this evening and being broadcast tomorrow afternoon. I will see myself on TV being smart and all. I will also probably see my own nervous habits that I exhibit in classrooms.

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September 14, 2005

Another lecture attended.

I attended another lecture today in statistics. I also bought some computer stuff. I also bought the reader for the criminal law course. I am watching last week's lecture in this criminal law course and taping it. I read the reader today a bit on a sunny bench at school. This criminal law course will be so very interesting and I will study a variety of topics on my own. May be I will read one hundred cases in one hundred days.

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Up early to buy school books.

There was a long line up on Monday for the bookstore. I am hoping the line up today is shorter. But I am going to school with 2 hours to spare before class. I have ony a 1.5 hour class. I also need to pick up some forms from the math school and also borrow a video tape for last weeks criminal law class.

I took my vitamins this morning. I am up early enough and I was worried about waking up on time. Tomorrow too I am worried about waking up early enough. I have my first meeting with my supervisor tomorrow just after noon. Then I have six hours of classes tomorrow mid afternoon and in the evening.

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September 13, 2005

I basically took the day off.

I stayed up late last night and slept at about 3 AM and slept to 1 PM. I spent a quiet afternoon and only really talked to the director of the school of mathematics and statistics and the union business agent. My schedule for teaching assistant work has settled down and I have picked my courses. I will study a course in criminal law and politics, for example treason trials, conspiracy and protest. We will also cover some laws concerning terrorism. I was able to get a recommended reading book on used for 15$ today for this course.

I also made an appointment with my new supervisor to assign my hours for this term. I will meet him on Thursday. He is also a former professor of mine. We get along ok and he is fairly easy going but wants us all to work very hard in the study of statistics. I am happy so far this term with my work.

I am still studying a statistics course and attended our first class yesterday and am just printing out the professors lecture notes but don't have any problems to work on yet so perhaps I will pick some out of the textbook myself. I have already bought the textbook and read the first chapter and part of the second chapter.

I am also studying a first year music course in popular music but must pay the tuition still for this course. I also have to buy the textbook and music CD's tomorrow at school. The first class is on Thursday afternoon after I meet with my supervisor. The professor of this course sent me the course outline today. Hopefully I can catch up with the readings and listening exercises by Thursday.

Then Thursday evening the criminal law course happens and I will also get the main reader of articles and other case material for this course tomorrow. I also need to read some of this reader before Thursday evening.

Then this Friday and Saturday I will attend Probability Day at our school which is sponsered by the Fields Institute. You may remember from the movie Beautiful Mind that John Nash wanted to but never did win a Fields medal. I have been looking into this famous Fields Institute and keeping up on their schedule.

I am confident I can put the effort into getting an A in my statistics course this term. The music course I won't worry about too much. The law course will also get a lot of work so that I can graduate at the end of this fall term with high honours.

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September 12, 2005

There are once again too many interesting courses at school.

I have my work schedule at school now. I am just now choosing courses for myself based on this schedule. One reason for my success is choosing a good schedule so I am trying to do this now. I will attend one class today in statistics and look at books in the book store for other courses. I did some volunteering yesterday. I have no security work scheduled. Tomorrow will be a day off except for some union stuff later in the afternoon. I will not be able to study intellectual property but can study criminal law for my law course this term. I might also study a basic music course in popular music. So I might have three courses this term. I will have short statistics classes on Monday and Wednesday afternoons with a statistics tutorial Monday mornings. I will also have three hours work in the labs on Tuesday night as a teaching assistant. My own courses also happen on Thursday afternoon and evening. So I will be on campus for four days with only Monday an early morning. Wednesday and Thursday will start at 2:30 in the afternoon and Tuesday will start at 5:30 in the afternoon.Thus is doesn't matter if I sleep in except for Monday's. For my own studies and the time in classes: Monday will be two and a half hours; Wednesday will be one and a half hours; Thursday will be six hours. For my work Tuesday will be three hours.

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September 11, 2005

I read a little today about moral impacts of the Internet and also e-business success by distruptive technologies.

I will not read a lot today. I read the school calendar and some course outlines I printed out for law courses. I read some Internet stuff. I also read some procedure manuals in my volunteer work. I volunteered for about four hours today. I helped deliver the newspaper but did not read it.

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My wife cleaned a mountain of dishes and I cleaned the kitchen floor.

Life is good here. I cleaned the kitchen floor with a sponge and cleaner. My wife cleaned the dishes. My wife's friend brought us strawberries and corn. We have not been eating well this past month. In ten days we will get fresh fruits and veggies from a food box program we pay for. My wife and I did our mountain of recycling too. My brother and mother are openly critical of our mess but my mom has appologised for this this past week. Life is not perfectly healthy here but we will survive today.

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Spent a long day awake yesterday.

I am not sure if my course changes yesterday were well done. I was up for about 27 hours. I went to the post office and picked up the new 160GB hard drive which is really 150 GB. I am just now copying my Macintosh desktop folder to one of the new hard drives partitions. It is a slow copy process because my Mac is only USB 1.1. I also picked up my power amp and layed away a rack case for the new PA.

I picked a law and politics course instead of intellectual property law. I may also study a French course or a music course instead of a statistics course. All these chages are being done for a better schedule now that I know my work schedule for the fall term.

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September 10, 2005

My power amp got paid off

I was able with family help to pay for the power amp. I now need to pick it up. So finally I have upgraded my PA to stereo. This is not a bad business to be in and does not take a lot of my time. I am continuing to work on setting up a home studio. I cleaned up my office for about half an hour tonight. I also cleaned the living room. My wife did the recycling on Thursday and also has been keeping the dishes clean.

I bought some Playstation Portable UMD movies last night and also watched a Stargate episode with R. This reminds me I need to write up some Stargate episodes on my studies blog and I would like to open a new blog where all these entries are catalogued. But I think I can do that with a web page collection.

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My work shift was cancelled.

I had been scheduled to work on Friday then this was cancelled. They had said I might have to work Saturday but this too was cancelled. So I have two days off. I do have a union meeting later today and wil help with the newspapers in about 3 or 4 hours.

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September 09, 2005

I took my spring paper to school today to be reviewed.

I am having my spring paper remarked. The professor has agreed to review the grade. I chatted with him a bit about Meech lake where I swam in 1987 while taking Haldol.

I was in not bad shape in those days but still had a major psychosis ahead of me in 1989. I was just living on my own for the first three years from May 1987 to February 1990 when I entered hospital for the last time. This was my usual id's of March hospitalisation. The previous time was the id's of March in 1980. I was very worried about my health in the ids of March 2000 but things went fine and I moved in with my wife that year. In 1990 I didn't get back to my apartment and out of hospital until 9 months later in December 1990. I did volunteer that year in politics while on day passes and my party the democractic socialists won that year. This was good because the government then supported consumer groups as they have continued to do with money.

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September 08, 2005

Katrina disaster

Hi if you have some spare time at the computer you might want to surf these interesting web sites about the Katrina disaster

Here is one site that is organising accessible accommodation

Here is a site organising networks for people

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I got my self a 160GB hard drive.

I am studying panther and worried about backing up my Macintosh so got a 160GB hard drive to back it up with. I am busy today at home with my computers. I am trying to get my palm working again since I have switched around the laptop. The basic functions work with the macintosh but I need some more advanced functions that I think only work with windows. I need to double check that as some of these functions like Adobe Reader for the Palm and Avantgo may work with the mac.

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September 07, 2005

Busy day at school.

I am heavily involved in union volunteering this week as the school term starts. I have spent about 10 hours or more preparing for my intellectual property law course. I read some Foucault. I read more about community networking. I have been reading about emacs. I am just heading out to our weekly role playing night. Sorry I haven't posted more.

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September 05, 2005

I am working an overnight shift tonight.

I am working in my security guard job tonight. I will work over night and read a fair amount. It should be a quiet night. I just took my meds half an hour ago. I will now sleep.

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I spent a fair amount of time reading on the weekend.

I read a fair amount on the weekend. This morning I was printing laws. I printed about three quarters of the employment standards act. I also printed about three quarters of the copyright act.

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September 04, 2005

I spent the weekend at my mom's place in the country.

We had a good weekend. I read a lot in the basement of my mom's place. It was sunny today but raining yesterday so we did not go swimming. I spent a lot of time budgeting too last night. Today I gave my mom our new 20" flat screen TV and one of our DVD players so that she too can have a DVD player.

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September 02, 2005

Took my meds an hour ago. Now I am going to sleep.

It seems to work perfectly these days. If I want to sleep I take my meds and get tired in about an hour. I am on holidays for a few days and may not be abe to post. See you on Sunday night.

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September 01, 2005

My wife and her friend had some good talks and drank beer.

My wife and her best friend had a good evening together. They talked about a lot of abuse issues they had been through.

I stayed in the living room sort of bidding on a replacement laptop screen for my Thinkpad. In the end the bidding got too high.

I then retired to work on my laptop hooked up to an external monitor. I installed some software on the Win2K side of the computer. I have installled WinZip, Adobe Reader, FireFox, Black Ice, Lotus Smart Suite, I had trouble installing Illustrator 8.0. I also installed the Palm Desktop on the Win2K.

Speaking of the Palm, I tried installing some Palm softwares I had paid 2$ for namely Chess annd Checkers on my Tungsten W but neither worked very well. Oh well 2$ down the drain.

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I volunteered today in victims services.

I was trained in non-violent crisis intervention by the police yesterday. Today I had a call to go on and the rest of the afternoon I am on call. I hope it is quiet. I could use a little down time. Tomorrow we visit my mom for the weekend. We will try to go to the National gallery to see some art on our way out of town. I paid bills today and yesterday. I paid off the mixer and brought it home. I am now laying away a power amp for the new PA system.

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